I'm finally going to the outlet in Lancaster tomorrow!

  1. The day has arrived! My grandparents called me up this afternoon and asked if I wanted to go to the outlet in Lancaster tomorrow. We'll be making several stops, but I mainly just want to go into Coach. I told my grandmother I didn't have any money since I just bought a wristlet during PCE-- and she said don't worry about it so I'm sooo extremely excited. I'm thinking of maybe picking up a ponytail scarf or a cute charm for my wristlet. Is there anything special there that I should look for tomorrow that they have? I've never been to an outlet so I have no idea what's there.

    I'm going to be on the lookout for some Legacy Stripe :drool:
  2. Oooooooooh, how nice!! Where is Lancaster?

    Man, one of my dream vacation trips is to drive cross country to every single state and just stay in each state for about a week or so to shop and sightsee. I'd love to hit up every outlet mall in the US too!! I drove cross country once, but I had to rush from point A (Oakland, where I shipped my car from Hawaii) to point B (St. Louis, where I planned to make my new life but that place sucked) and didn't really get to do anything except go to the Vacaville outlet and vacation in Reno for a while at my friends house.

    I'm actually brushing my teeth right now, getting ready to go to the Waikele outlet so I can pick up my watermelon charms (and maybe more?? *lol*).
  3. ^^^Oh I really wanted the watermelon charm!!!! I'll definitely look for that when I go tomorrow!
  4. You should give them a call to see if they have it so that if they do they can hold it for you! That's what I did last night... I called, they said they had two left, so I have both on hold for me. I'm so happy!!
  5. I'll definitely give them a call to see if they have it. Oh and BTW--I didn't see that in your previous post you asked where Lancaster was. It's in Pennsylvania, about 45 minutes away from my home but with my grandfather driving me tomorrow it's more like 2 hours. ;)
  6. Oh, cool! One of my friends is from Pennsylvania (but lives at Fort Stewart) and goes home ALL the time. She's a Coach nut as well!!

    I just called my outlet again to see if they had any M charms (they didn't last weekend) and they have three - this day is getting better and better!!

    I really hope you find something great when you go tomorrow!!!
  7. I hope so too. My grandmother said I can get anything I want and count it as a Christmas present but I don't want to get anything too expensive so a bag is probably out of the question. Unless I see a cute tote that I like...then I may have to reconsider.

    Let me know what you got at the outlet when you come back!
  8. We visited the Lancaster Outlet days before the Coach store was suppose to move into their NEW SPACE. I would love to hear about your visit! I might have to pay another visit ;) !! Have fun!
  9. oooh, have fun! i love going to the coach outlet. mine is an hour's drive away, so i go probably once every month or two. have fun, and definitely post pics of your purchases!
  10. I'm headed there tomorrow too!!
  11. I posted it under "charms, charms, and an ali." Hehe.
  12. I went to lancaster on my trip to hershey park a few weeks ago and it was AWESOME!!!!! DONT forget to get the breast cancer coupon. If you donate $1 to breast cancer they give you 25% each item!!!

    I went to Riverhead, NY today and they let me buy a coupon for each item I bought!!!!

    Also, if you get a chance, there is an outlet at Reading that I think is a half hour or so away from there that's supposed to be awesome too!! Good luck and HAVE FUN!!
  13. Oh and if you love legacy stripe, they had a LOT of legacy items there, mostly the canvas stuff but some leather and they had this ipod case that was legacy... i didnt see any watermelon though... lots of keyfobs lots of wristlets even the Abbey flap!!!
  14. You drove all the way from Hershey Park to Lancaster for a Coach outlet? Why didn't you just walk across the street and go to Coach in the Hershey Outlets?
  15. lmaooooo i wanted to go on an outlet tour!! i have a wonderful SO who drove me to hershey outlet and lancaster, and we were gonna go to reading but we didnt want to return the car too late and get lost like we did going to hershey and lancaster lol