i'm finally getting promoted - but why am i not happy?

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  1. i've been working for the same company straight out of college.. in 7 years, i've been promoted 4 times going on 5. i'm not into office politics and until i became supervisor, i used to want my colleagues to like me.. i got promoted to supervisor, and had to develop a thick skin quick! as a supervisor, i've worked my tail off, going above and beyond the call of duty, and have made a number of positive changes in the company - despite all the challenges i've faced both with my subordinates and colleagues.

    finally, my hard work is (once again) being recognized and i am about to get a promotion.. but my boss told me is that it includes even more responsibilities... i'm a bit upset that my hard work is being rewarded by even more work! i'm stretched out way too thin already as it is... truthfully, i don't know if i want to deal with more stress in my life.

    i actually started looking for another job - one that does not involve managing people but pays more than my current salary... in my interviews, they all had the same comment - i have all the skills that would make me a successful candidate, but i'm too overqualified. and because of the consistency of my promotion, they are worried that i may get bored easily! i remember thinking - "since when did competence become a weakness???" --- well, they actually offered me the job, but i freaked out so i turned it down. i've been kicking myself in the @$$ since...

    and now my current company is offering me a promotion - but i'm not as happy as i thought i should be... i was when i first heard the news - but over the weekend, i started freakin out and i'm not really sure why...

    arrrgghh!! i don't know what i'm babbling about or why i'm so down... but any words of encouragement or workds of wisdom would help :smile:

    thanks is advance!!!
  2. I am in somewhat in the same situation sort of. But have you asked to hire an assistant to help you? Would the company mind? The best advice I can give you that my friend just gave me " is when we are stagnant, we don't grow".
  3. Change is always scary at first.
  4. bellaluella - the company that i am working for has not been doing too well for the last 6.5 years so getting an assistant is not even a possibility. :sad:
  5. It takes time to get used to things. Maybe you will like your promotion more once you get accustomed to it. :flowers:
  6. meluv2shop12, Oh sorry. Do you still have joy in the career field?
  7. I agree with Munchkey, change is scary. But I don't think you even wanted this change. I think what you should do is voice your opinion. How can your higher ups know how stressed out you are and how you dread even more responsibility if you don't say so? Since you have been promoted numerous times, I bet your opinion will matter and most likely, they will listen to you. If they don't, maybe share with them that you were thinking about leaving the company for a less stressful job. Your company probably doesn't want to lose you, so voice what you need. GOOD LUCK!:tup:
  8. Change is scary.

    I worked 2 years in a field related to my degree, but the job requirements weren't the same. I missed a reapplication deadline (I was still probationary) and was edged out by someone with seniority.

    So this year.... is my first year in the classroom. I teach high schoolers, and I'm currently overwhelmed with paperwork and managing personalities. I've calmed down some since the beginning of the year, and I can see where next year could be a big improvement, but honestly, there have been moments where if I could've afforded it, I would've quit and not looked back.

    My BF is also like you...competent & goes above and beyond the job description....so his company rewards him with more work. Unfortunately, this last "promotion" involved more work, responsibilities and no new title or pay increase. After a few months of trying to be that reliable "team player," he's had enough. He put in his resignation, gave them notice of his last day....and is finally moving back! Yay! He's worried about finding a new job that he likes and pays well, but I know once he actively job hunts, employers will snatch him up.
  9. By the way, congratulations!
  10. Congratulations. Perhaps you have fear of the unknown???