I'm finally exercising and losing weight!

  1. I've seriously gained so much weight within the last 3 years. I live in jeans, and I swear that I've had to buy about 30 pairs within the last 3 years because I kept growing out of them. I'm taking a trip to NYC in June:yahoo: , and I wanted to look fab, and instead of buying new clothes, I decided I wanted to wear my old ones...so I began seriously working out and following my WeightWatchers plan 2 weeks ago, and I've dropped 6 pounds! I've been to gym 4 days in a row, which has never been done before (for me). And I plan to go later today, too.
  2. That's great! congratulations!

    You know the trick for me is to NEVER buy a clothing size up than my current size. I know my exact size in certain designers clothing and I always buy those so that my size is consistent and I know the fit will be great no matter what I buy from those designers.

    I have never had a weight problem but of course I may gain or lose 5-10 pounds like anyone else. So not buying the next size truly helps me snap back into shape quickly if I find myself floating upwards. It works for me.
  3. Congrats!! I've had great success with Weight Watchers too....you go girl!!!
  4. Congratulations! Sounds like you are losing weight the healthy way. I am getting back on the exercise wagon myself. Eating healthy is just not enough. I agree with NGOTB -- keep yourself in check by losing some weight instead of buying the next size up. It really is a good way to maintain your weight and stop weight gain before it gets out of control. It's a slippery slope, as they say.
  5. Wow that's AWESOME!! congrats and good for you for sticking with the exercise and diet plan!! i need to do that... urgh....
  6. On the days when you don't want to go workout are the day's that you need to the most! I have also started working out and eating better...I have lost a few pounds and feel SO much better!! Best of luck!!
  7. Congrats! I've also started to diet and exercise, and I'm already seeing the results, so I can't wait until I'm thin enough to wear the designer jeans I've been wanting for so long now.. In four or six months, I'll be there if I work hard enough :yahoo:
  8. what is weightwatchers?? and are they available outside the continents?
  9. :yahoo: YEAH YEAH!!! the gym rocks!!! I'm stoked to hear that you're taking charge of your life and working towards something fab!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :jammin:
  10. Congrats! Keep up the good work. You should join the summer weight loss club.
  11. Sounds like you're off to a great start!! Congrats!
  12. Congrats, keep up the good work.