I'm finally buying a Speedy!!!


I'm getting my first Speedy. Which should I buy?

  1. Azur Speedy

  2. Mini Lin in Dune

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  1. My birthday just passed on August 2nd. I was stuck at home all by myself sick as a dog. :tdown: BUT on a brighter note....my mom is buying me a Speedy for my birthday. I thought I wanted the Azur but now I'm not sure. I also really like the Mini Lin Speedy in Dune. Whichever I get, I know I'm going to use it a lot. Please help me decide. Which is more durable? If you have either of these bags, please tell me the pros and cons of each!!! I'm confused!
  2. Aw, I'm sorry!
    But go for the Azur!!
  3. azur:tup:
  4. Azur too...I dont care for the mini lin look at all.
  5. Azur!!! More structured, and durable due to the canvas which you can wipe down w/ baby wipes if needed. I like the mini lin but the sag is harder to correct than the azur IMO. HTH. Good Luck.
  6. azur! :smile:
  7. Azur!
  8. Mini lin! It's soo pretty.
  9. i have the mini lin in dune....and my vote goes for it......the handles are not vachetta.....thus no patina.....i love mine, have been using it a lot and still looks brand new...not as easy to get dirty as originally thought
  10. both looks great :smile:. for durability i think azur (canvas) is more durable than mini lin (fabric mix)
  11. I think Azur would last longer. It'll be fine in any weather. I would feel uncomfortable using Mini Lin :smile:
  12. Mini Lin, it's gorgeous and I think not seen everywhere as frequently as Azur now is. :tup:
  13. I adore the Azur Speedy, love the pattern and durable canvas! :tup:
  14. Azur!
  15. azur...love the mini lin dune, but would be terrified to use it.