I'm finally back.....BalParis update!

  1. Hi girls, I actually missed you! I've been SO busy since I was last active and have been meaning to update you but between finishing school, moving to another country, getting engaged :love: and getting a stomach virus, I haven't had much time!! So here it goes...

    Paris was great, the best part was going to Printemps where I met Claire, by far the nicest SA I have ever met. She didn't have any black city's to show me but she did show me some juicy rouge vif city's and I was tempted. We talked at length about spring colors and this is what I remember and I took some notes:

    - pre-collection is vert d'eau, black, white, truffle, cafe, vert gazon, marine, bleu de france, and vermillion (collection is anthracite, argyle, bleu glacier, cobalt)
    - she said vert d'eau and bleu glacier are VERY LIGHT in color
    - marine is like ink without any purple in it
    - she called colbalt "turquoise"
    - vermillion is VERY CLOSE to rouge vif but "brighter"

    If you're in the area call her, she's wonderful to deal with! I wish I could have bought a bag from her!

    Then at the other end of the customer service spectrum is BalParis :cursing:. You couldn't even beg for service here, they just do not care. The SA I started with was actually kinda nice, but 5 minutes into it he had to go to lunch and I got stuck with the biggest &*%$! I asked for a black city and she reached under some counter and pulled one out. They had a lot of twiggy's but unfortunately not the rouge vif I was hoping to find. But she did show me an absolutely amazing rouge vif city, thick juicy leather, great color! I was really really tempted but.....

    I finally found my dreamy black city! The search is complete!!! Perfect leather and smoosh factor! Therefore, I couldn't justify buying 2 city's in one day, if it was a twiggy I would have splurged.

    I really love it, I've been carrying it every day now and I really like the city style for everyday use, perfect size. I know it's not the most exciting new addition to tell you girls about but it's a classic and I adore it!

    I wish I didn't have to buy it from the horrible SA's at BalParis but c'est la vie. I had to ask for a box and she got an attitude about it! But I don't care, the bag makes up for the service. Can you believe that on my way out (I was wearing my Part Time) one of the SA's asked why the strap on my bag was so long and looked really confused! And he was the one telling me he knows the leathers (he was complaining because I was scrutinizing the bags until I found the one I liked) since he's been working there for 4 years, whatever! I just couldn't wait to get out of there with my new lovely addition :yes: (By the way, the manager at BalParis said the same thing about vermillion, very close to RV but more "vif" or bright, brilliant. Hmm...I'll wait on the twiggy then).

    Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to share the Blove with my Bbag sisters :yes:
  2. Sweet! thanks for sharing your experience. For a minute I almost felt like I was there! Pics Pics !!
  3. yay! welcome back! post a picture of your new baby!
  4. CIMG0006.JPG CIMG0012.JPG CIMG0014.JPG CIMG0016.JPG
  5. The leather looks perfect! Thanks for sharing the inside info!
  6. Congratulations on finding your perfect Black City bag! It looks gorgeous! Thanks for the detailed updates on the '07 colors too!
  7. Oooh!!!

    Such yummy leather!! Congrats on ya gorgeous bag! :smile:
  8. :yahoo: CONGRATS on getting engaged bal newbie :yahoo: how exciting!!! and WOO HOO for the new Black City!!!! :wlae:

    0o0o0o0 Vermillion? just like rouge vif??? BRIGHTER??? :nuts: hehehehehe!!!! 0o0o0o wanna a colbot :graucho:
    Thanks for the up-date on the colours and I'm SO sorry about the SA's but you're ENGAGED!!! wooooooooo hoooooooooo!!!!
  9. Great addition, especially because of the leather. Did they tell you if they have waiting lists for pre spring colors?
  10. congrats on getting engaged! the bag is beautiful!
  11. Actually trama I did not ask about a waiting list, but I was told pre-collection starts mid-December and collection in March
  12. that leather looks amazing, congrats on ur new bag! Sorry you had such an awful SA thats so annoying.
  13. What color is your Part Time?
  14. wow the leather is awesome! congrats on everything sounds like you've had a lot of excitement haha. i need to get me a black city one of these days.
  15. woo hoo! Congrats on the engagement and the move! Bal Paris is just so annoying sometimes.... They never gave me a box, either.