I'm finally a Birkin Owner~~ =D


H & LV Mommy
Oct 29, 2005
Hi Birkin Fanatics~
so the Birkin bug has bitten...:graucho: after much contemplation, i couldnt get it off my mind,:sweatdrop: it was bugging me all weekend... so therefore, i've came to conclusions that it was my perfect birkin~~ :yahoo: Color wise, its black , my favorite color; leather wise, its togo , the most scratch resistant & durable kind of leather, therefore it can last me ages or even a lifetime:supacool: . but i'll still be after a rouge vif or rouge H birkin later... :wlae: *giggles* later~ but i'll be on purse ban till December 1, 2007~ LOL~~ but its still worth the ban, coz i've now got myself the most coveted handbag of all times :love: ~~ i havent taken her out yet, still waiting for the *special* dinner to take it out for her first time~ :tender:



LIL!!!!!!!!!!! You got the black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FANTASTIC!!!!! WONDERFUL, congrats on your first of many!!!!! TELL US THE STORY!!!! (even though we kinda know it!)....I LOVE to hear the story!!!
wow, yeah you finally decided on the black one! Good choice! You won't regret it! That is sooo stunning man! I wish I can own one soon, but that's going to take a miracle! lol! Enjoy it a lot.
Oh I'm so glad you got her!!!! I love togo in black with gold HW is even more spectacular!!!! Congrats and wear her in good health.

Looks like your kitty excited about the new addition.