im feeling reFRESHed..(also my 1st Bal buy) pix

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  1. Oky,well ive come over here from the lv forum--which i still love...BUT i jut feel that i like this forum aliiiittttle bit better... and it seems there might be a bit of nicer people with better vibes over here..a lot nicer and welcoming... ANYWAY got my first thing today---- figured i'd start with something little to get a feel for it... but my goooooodness (i didnt see this in person before i purchased it) but i did NOT expect this wallet to be SO BIG. its huge!!!!..not a bad thing tho...just not used to huge wallet..very cool though im excited--but I will not use it until i get a bbag to go with it..because as you can see--its just not looking good together with my speedy...
    BAL 001.JPG BAL 005.JPG
  2. I totally feel you about the vibe here in this forum,I also came here from the LV area a while back and I love being here.Your wallet is beautiful and I can not wait to see your first BBAG.(and the second and the third...):graucho:
  3. First off- welcome to Bal forum- this place has lots of super nice lovely ladies just like the LV forum- but I understand your remark on the differences between the forums (plus there are just way more people over there anyways)

    Secondly! :woohoo: congrats on that beauty!!! I think she looks great with the Speedy! It's great to mix things up a bit once in a while! :yes:

    Looking forward to your first bbag- I'm sure it'll blow your mind to pieces!!
  4. I love the magenta with SGH!!! It's a beauty! And I don't think it looks bad with your speedy.. it looks nice, which is not to say you shouldn't get a bbag to put it in asap :graucho:
  5. Magenta is my favorite of the new spring colors. Enjoy! And I think it looks great with your Speedy!
  6. I think your wallet goes well with the Black MC speedy. Enjoy!
  7. Congratulations on your first Bal purchase!! Gorgeous wallet - I love the SGH!!
  9. im loving your wallet! and i think it looks good with your speedy!! Can't wait to see your bag!!
  10. i was wondering, where do you guys get those cute little braided tassle bag charms from?
  11. ... and does anyone have pics of there well-worn few yr old wallets? I want to see how they look after having them for a long time..
  12. I heart your new wallet!!! Its' massive LOLL!!! Looks great with the MC but you betta not leave for good k! Just switch back from Lv and balenciaga k :p
  13. GORGEOUS! I'm hoping to get a mini companion at some point, such a little beauty!

    I've never been on LV, but congrats and WELCOME!
  14. Congrats on your first bal purchase! Love that color! So, what's next??? :graucho:
  15. Wow, the color is so vibrant!!! Congrats!!! Love your MC speedy btw! ;)