I'm feeling LUCKY...Olsen tote in BLACK on its way to me...

  1. After being patient and waiting for some HTF but "wishlist" bags to become available...I am super happy to be able to say I will finally be able to call this bag "my own."

    The owner of the bag was super sweet and even kept sending me pics of any minor defects or anything she thought may be wrong with the bag...like small scratch on CC logo hardware, etc...

    It is being sent to me overnight sending out tomorrow so shall arrive on Wednesday right before I go on vacation WOOT :angel: I wonder which bags I will bring with me now :girlsigh:

    Here are some prelim pics I have so far from the owner of the bag I am "adopting" from...






    :heart: I sure hope I love it as much as everyone else seems to love theirs!!! :heart:

    BTW--this is the smaller size, 11.5 by 7.5 inches and 3 inches deep I think?
  2. OooH! Congrats! I'm so happy for you that your patience paid off!
  3. oooh congratulations!! That bag is so hard to find!!
  4. Ohh this looks like the one that was just listed on eBay for $2800! Is it?

    I'm so happy you got one. I LOVE mine, I'm sure you will love yours. Mine is the larger one though- I don't think the difference is that huge. Congrats!!!
  5. Yay...congrats! You are on a roll! What a gorgeous bag! Can't wait to see modeling pics.
  6. YEY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am so happy 4 you!
    Can't wait to see pics - I know you'll look HOT!
  7. C- Congrats!!! hon...can't wait to see pics.:tup::smile:
  8. that is so cute!!! congrats :heart::heart::heart:
  9. Congrats babe!! Can't wait to see your pictures
  10. Yay Cory, how fabulous... I'm so happy for you, ahh!! :yahoo: Hmm... now what bag to take hehe... you have some tough (but fun!) decisions to make girl! ;) :love:
  11. Congrats ! This is such a cute bag
  12. Hurray! congrats on that HOT bag!
  13. that bag is tdf! Congrats!
  14. congrats cory! i can't wait to see modeling pics!
  15. Congrats on getting the Olsen. I saw it on eBay today and then it vanished!! Did you get that one? Whatever it is, you deserve her as I heard you've been looking for her for some time now. Yay!!!