I'm feeling GREEN!!

  1. omg. you always post the most delicious things! i am SO wanting that! ugh! decisions decisions! it's GORGOUS!
  2. That's quite a nice shade of green. The green bags I have on my wish list is the lime green demi they have a while ago at the outlets and the green hamptons hobo from past 2 seasons ago I think. Also lime green-ish I think.
  3. Why is it that when you select the color SILVER/PEAR from the dropdown it shows white trim and when you enlarge the image, it shows green trim?

  4. That is ODD!! I'm not even sure which way I like the bag..with green or white leather...even the siggy print seems a different shade of green, no?

    I was feeling GREEN today too...and this came home with me. My first boutique purchase in a looooooooooooooooong time!

  5. awww soooo cute...i need a green bag and I LOVE SOHO SMALL FLAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. LOVE it! Green is my favorite color but the pear green is not quite right. This one is perfect!

    I just saw that denim wristlet you posted a few months ago and it is the cutest thing ever. If they had that available right now I would buy it without waiting for PCE. It is TOO cute!

    You have good taste!
  7. I like the blue a lot but I'm thinking the small hobo is too small for me. I'm 5'9" and could stand to lose a few pounds. I don't want my bag to look too teeny :confused1:
  8. haha my boyfriend LOVE LOVE LOVEDDDDDD that bag! He loved the color and was adament on me getting it, haha why do i think i know what im getting for our two year? hahaha :smile:
  9. love the green leather!!
  10. I am in a green mood right now too - SO CUTE!
  11. I love that bag and anything lime greenish in color.
    My car is lime green, too! :smile:
  12. Green is always such a lovely color in signature.
  13. That is a very pretty bag/color
  14. Interesting! I think I might pass out..hyperventilating and drooling at the same time is not a good thing!