I'm Feeling Chanel! My recent purchase....

  1. I've been a long time fan of LV but beginning to yearn for more Chanel. My recent purchase: Expandable Flap in off white, and a Red Jumbo Flap. :heart:

    My black Lux Flap (think that's the name) have been lovingly enjoyed as well. Seeing photos in this forum has fueled my desire even more. Thanks for looking.
    Channel_ resided off white.jpg Channel_resized red.jpg Channel_resized black.jpg
  2. WOW, great buys!!!! Congrats!!!

    And YES, this forum is EVIL for our wallet:devil: :devil:
  3. congrats!
  4. i am lusting for your white expandable, tobilove~
  5. Gorgeous!! The red jumbo I especially love (I just carried mine the other day)! :love: And yes, the forum is sooo bad for finances haha! :p
  6. I love the expandable flap! Congrats on the purchases!
  7. Wow, awesome collection you have there!
    Yes, this forum is our DH/BF 's nightmare...:devil:
  8. Thanks ladies.
    jeshika, I like your camel color flap but I really think you'll love the off white color better. You should go with your gut feeling. Were you able to locate one?
  9. Yummy! Thanks for the pics!
  10. Great bags!
  11. Great start to your collection. You'll have so much usage outta them!
  12. Thanks tobilove! I'm waiting to hear back from a couple SAs. I'm sure I'll find it. The camel is growing on me though. I think it would be an absolutely wonderful MOTHER'S DAY present for my mom! she loves those earth tones. But I'm so broke so I'm going to have negotiate with my dad. haha. This way i don't have to give it up! :p
  13. oh my goodness!!! i am SOOOOOOO jealous!

    youre recent purchases are amazing! out of the three, i cant pick one i like!
  14. pretty bags! enjoy!!
  15. very pretty bags. congrats!