I'm feeling blue...or rather, turquoise.

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  1. Hi everyone :flowers:

    I didn't really have a Christmas this year and so I've decided to do something insane and try to get a bag that was out last year (and I've seen it at the outlets before, dunno if it's still there but I'm going to try everything!!!) that I regret letting slip away, as a gift to myself.

    Turquoise leather ergo...hobo or tote :tup: I'm a fan of both and wouldn't mind if I found either. If I find both I will definitely have a decision to make but I'll worry about that later. I kept looking and touching and debating every time I saw them in the boutiques last year and I never got them...I don't know why. That color was the color theme for my wedding! :noggin:

    So if any of you ladies could help me with a style # for both and let me know if you've seen it at the outlets lately or even at a dept store or boutique...or if you think I should try my luck with JAX...:love:
  2. Ohhh Candace, I just returned a turquoise tote to the outlet last week. I bought it in Sept. and never used it so I decided to return it. :sad:
  3. I JUST bought one at the waterloo ny outlet- it was the only one, but its hope that they're still out there. I worked there seasonally and I know it was a transfer, not a return.
  4. Candace,

    It's a beautiful bag! I saw them at the outlet a few months ago, and they were always the first color to sell! Can you find one on eBay? Good luck!
  5. oooh I hope you find one I plan to hit the Vegas outlet the 1st week in Jan I will keep my eyes peeled.
  6. I found a few at the outlets months ago but didn't get one. They had the totes and the hobos. I hope you can find one! :tup:
  7. I found one on eBay but it was bought immediately, there have been other totes but only in black or natural.
  8. I actually checked that out, but the 21 dollar shipping for a gently used bag kind of put me off a little bit!!!! Especially when I know how much it costs to send a bag via priority with insurance...getting gouged = no no.

    Thank you so much though :love: It is pretty!
  9. This may not be the case here but the last few things I have listed on eBay do not register the shipping right.. it raises it higher.. even when I put in free shipping :tdown: I would atleast contact the seller and see if that is the case or explain that the can ship priority for around $10. It's worth a try if you really want the bag! :tup:
  10. Holy cannoli! I didn't even see that! Yeah $21 shipping is entirely way to high!
  11. LOL YA!!! DH was like 'get the bag!' then we looked and said WHOA!!!!!!! NEVERMIND! LOL

    I'm going to start by calling my outlet tomorrow to see if they have it...cause I have to return a pair of jeans out there anyway...it's an hr away so it'd be nice to go out there with a purpose! hehe.
  12. Does anybody know if the style numbers are the same as the hobos/totes that are on the current coach site? If anybody has the bag even if in a different color please post the style number! THANKS!!!