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Mar 19, 2006
Hi..everyone. Want to ask all of you.....do you find the Hermes SAs at your stores are hot?? I'm referring to the males. Here, there are quite a number of SAs at the Liat Towers who are very hot. Cute face, hot bodies, megawatt smile, kissable lips......everything you can expect of a HOT HUNKS!!! I don't know about their age but seems like they are around 20-30 plus. I went to order my birkins recently..all of you know that....and as I was browsing through the clothes, I peep at 2 hot SAs standing near me. They look at me and 1 of them give me....uhhh......so cute.....a smile!!!! Then he come over and ask if I needed any help. I pretebd to say yes and purposely fall back on him. [p.s. oooh.....I'm so naughty!!!] He hold me and we almost touch each other's lips. Then, the guy became shy and smile sheepishly at me. Not many people were at the stores. Just 1 or 2 customers and they including the rest of the SAs look at me. The moment is spoiled when a lady....[ee.....wish she didn't come.....] if I was alright. EEEEE.......I hate her. Never mind....:suspiciou

Anyway, after that together with that lady gone, I ask him for his phone no. I sense he knew I was hitting him. [p.s. I'm blushing.....] He gave me. And u noe wat?? I saw him again today at a local fast food and he went to me and said hi. We talk but not yet fallin in love. Then, we part not before he ask me for my phone no. Is this going to be my love???? :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:


Mar 9, 2006
Femina, I am loving your Hermes experience! Keep the story going.

Don't let the relationship sour until you can at least purchase the bags of your choice. That could make an awful shopping experience if things go badly!