I'm faced with a major dilemma!!!

  1. I bought the medium carly the other day and found that its too small...so I exchanged it for a large Ergo the other day!... BUT!!!! the Dillards SA just called and told me they just got the large black Carly in today!!! what is a girl to do?!!! I love my ergo, but I still don't know if its "me...and the Carly is just so damn adorable!!! Which do you guys like better?
  2. I love my large Carly, it holds so much! I don't own the Ergo so I can't truly sing it's praises. If you have the time go back and get the Carly.....I think you will love it. Just my thoughts.
  3. how is the shoulder strap on the carly? i'm not a "smaller" woman lol so thats important to me haha
  4. I love my Large Carly - you can fill it up - or let it slouch when half empty!
  5. I would return the Ergo and get the Carly.
  6. thanks Pfers I always worry about returning items cuz i never wanna hurt my SA's feelings lol
  7. I say get the Carly girl. You know which one you wanted in your heart.
  8. lol i think you're right haha
  9. My ergo hobo is HUGE, holds a ton and slouches!!! But, I do love and want a Carly...
  10. Carly!
  11. I'll always love the Carly more than the Ergo!

  12. I am a woman with a "generous" figure and the shoulder strap on the large Carly wears comfortably with room to spare. That is because the bag has such a nice slouch.
  13. I love my Ergo... it is so lightweight.
  14. I like the carly better but I don't have either bag so i am going on pure aesthetics
  15. Carly over the Ergo hands down!