**I'm expecting!**

  1. I've gone hog wild on LV this week. Here's the damage I've done:

    Suhali - Le Confident (Verone)
    Suhali - Lockit PM (Verone)
    Vernis - Summit Drive (Pomme)
    Vernis - Summit Drive (Amarante)
    Vernis - Rosewood (Pomme)
    Denim - Baggy PM (Blue)
    Vernis - Zippy Wallet (Pomme)
    Vernis - Zippy Wallet (Amarante)
    Vernis - Pochette Wallet (Pomme)
    Vernis - Pochette Wallet (Amarante)

    Not sure what I'll end up keeping. But the whole shopping experience was great! :yahoo:
  2. OMG :shocked: CONGRATS on ALL your FANTASTIC PURCHASES!!!:party:
    So ENVY :drool: Can post pictures of all your lovely babies?...how i wish i can do that!!!
  3. um wow? i could only dream to buy that much in one shot.
  4. Wow.. can u post pics of your new babies... !!
  5. Wow.....and I thought I needed LV rehab......congrats on such great things!
  6. OMG , your credit card has some limit. lol
  7. OMG - that is one fabulous spree !! Let us know when you get everything in ! :yes:
  8. WOW!!! Congrats on everything and can't wait to see pics of the whole family!
  9. HOLY CRAP! Did you hit the LOTTERY?? I would say that is some damage! Whew! :wtf::wtf::wtf:
  10. Wow :nuts: Lucky you :yahoo:
  11. All of that in one day? Wow!! Look forward to pictures.
  12. Wow! that's indeed some wild shopping! Congrats! we'll be waiting for the pix!!!
  13. :hs:WOW! I am in shock! I did that w/ the amarante sunset/houston/brentwood...wanted to see which one I really wanted...but that was only 3~ WOW! Let us see pics and what you decide on!
  14. Agree, post us pics & congrats :smile:
  15. whoa! :nuts: