I'm excited!!!

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  1. As some of you know I'll be turning 32 on saturday :party: well..I just got a phone call from NM last call, they have 4 Gucci handbags and 2 pairs of Gucci shoes on hold for me. They always call me when they have new arrivals from regular store. The girl described one the bags a medium-large bag w/fabric logo on front, she says is really nice!....:P ....so I'm so there after work!!! will post pics. Wish me luck! I love september GUCCI sale on NM..they always do it on Sept. 15..one day before my b-day. Good excuse to buy myself a Gucci gift every year! Don't you think so?:wlae:
  2. It's a great excuse!! I buy myself an LV on my birthday every year. I can't wait to see pics!
  3. oo thats exciting! tell us how it goes
  4. :flowers: OOOOOOOHH!! Can't wait! Please post pics if you get something!!!
    :heart: Emmy
  5. Ok girls, I'm going to need of your help. Good news and bad news. I found 3 decent size handbags. I didn't take them home because it was a pre-sale so I can only pick up after Friday. I also bought a couple of Gucci jeans, 2 Gucci blouses, 1 pair of Gucci shoes and 1 pair of Gucci bamboo earrings.

    I have attached a picture of a bag similar to the one I'm getting, but I'm not 100% convinced if I should get it or not. Please help!!!!!:crybaby: ...My bag is black, exactly the same as the one shown in the pic. but all black.:sad:
    gucci NM.jpg
  6. :yes: I love it! What do the earrings look like? Bamboo you said? :heart: Emmy
  7. yes! l@@K...they have the matching ring and bracelet but I have a tiny wrist :cursing: ....and my ring size is very unsual (4.5):cursing: ......I so couldn't get the matching accesories but the earrings.
    sorry....he,he,he.....here is it..enjoy!:smile:
  8. Awesome, SALE on GUCCI at Neiman's - I will be there tomorrow.
  9. Neiman's last call center

  10. I love this bag! Can I ask how much they were selling it for?
  11. darn!no Neiman Marcus by me.
    Can you tell me how much earrings were and were and who can I get them from?
    thanks if you can.
  12. the bags was selling for $690, the earrings for $180. I don't think they have more of those but sure they have more stuff. I can describe some of the items I saw -in person- yesterday. call Vivienne or Suzette in accesories, Maybe they will let you place an order over the phone.
    Neiman Marcus Last Call Center
    Dolphin Mall 11441 NW 12th Street D100
    Miami, FL 33172
  13. hi high maintenance, is it true that all the gucci bags plastic wrappers have the gucci words on it?
    thank you soo much but u seem such an expert to me :yes: ..

    also, do u mind helping me to authenticate this bag i post in the authentic this forum? coz swanky mama appraently said tt is the only place allowed for authenticating!! THANKS LOTTTSSS!!:yes:
  14. Hi. we are not experts here, just trying to help. As per my own experience, I have seen an authentic bag like the one of yours before,all hardware was protected w/Gucci name high quality film. Some of my own bags came w/that also. Don't get me wrong, i know for a fact the some fakes also come w/it but high quality can never be me imitated, if it looks cheap plastic that a sign that something it is wrong. Look for something that is not "right" ...if you know what I mean. That will help you a lot!

    Post your authenticity question on "authenticate this" forum sure you will get more responses. Good Luck!!!:supacool:
  15. thxx so much!! really really appreciate it!!, do u mind helping me to chk it out if u dun mind, really really appreciate it!!:yes: itz at the last pg, 46,