I'm excited!

  1. After much thought and deliberation, I returned my Saleya MM yesterday.

    And special ordered a Cabas Mezzo in Damier! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    The SA said it could be here anywhere from 2 months to 6 months, but the average is about 4.

    And the wait begins.....:amuse:
  2. Wow!! 4 months of waiting? Your a better gal than me. I could NEVER wait that long, it would actually kill me!! Ha ha. Well, post us pics in a few months!!!
  3. Congrats. It will be gorgeous!
  4. Aww, I'm sorry to hear about the Saleya, Bjara. Such a beautiful bag :heart: But I'm glad you chose a bag that you love! You definitely have a lot of patience, I know I wouldn't be able to wait :P Congrats!
  5. At least you got what you REALLY liked!!!:love: It's def. worth the wait!!!
  6. Oooh! The waiting will be agony but it will be so worth it when it comes!
  7. i wanted to order that too, but they said that it would be 6-8 months wait. thats crazyyy!
  8. That's quite a wait, but it'll be worth it in the end! Congrats!
  9. I'm glad you exchanged for something you'll like better. Hope your wait goes by quickly.:yes:
  10. Please post pics when you get it! I would love to see it!
  11. i love the saleya, but congrats on a special order!! can't wait to see pics...

    do you know if the interior going to be red like the saleya/duomo/etc??
  12. Congrats on your special order!! You are going to love it!!!
  13. The bag will be worth the wait:P Congratulations! Make sure you post pictures.
  14. I couldn't wait that long either - by the time the bag came in, I'd want something else, but that's just me.
  15. Congrats! I have a Damier Cabas Mezzo and I LOVE IT!! I use it as an everyday bag.
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