im excited for tomorrow you should be too :)

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  1. I'm very excited for tomorrow's price increase. The reason is because maybe the few items that I'm going to buy this year will go up in price but all my owned items will go up in price too. So even though I might be losing money by not buying an item before the price increase I'm actually making money on the items that I already own because the resale value will go up!!!!
  2. +1 your a glass half full kinda girl! Me too:smile:
  3. thats a great way to look at it
  4. Why don't you buy the items you want today than it will be a WIN-WIN!
  5. +1 :graucho:
  6. But you only make $ on the items you already own if you sell them...

  7. +2!

  8. 3+
  9. +4
  10. I am fine with whatever comes tomorrow-- on content island ready to watch the action!! :smile:
  11. Price increases only make me sad, since I don't see myself selling any of my current pieces. But, that is a very optimistic way of thinking :smile:
  12. Because as I see it most purchases at this point in the increase would be rushed decisions or impulse buys later to be just sold on ebay .
  13. +5 ! For being happy and see that we are happy together ! Cheers !!!
  14. Agree
  15. I saved over $500 buying my bags and wallet pre-increase. They were not impulse buys. It was more now or never because the prices keep going and going up.