im envious.

  1. Im sooo envious of some of your gals balenciaga colors! why cant I find a gorgeous color :sad:

    I noticed some of the recent posts about fellow pf members getting bbags in such rare colors...what the secret man!!!!!

    I want a magenta or an apple :Push:
    share your secret bbag hunting skills becase there is NOTHING on ebay :oh:
  2. pgurl, hang in there. it really takes alot of digging, research, phone calls, and networking. it's hard work!
  3. balenciaga NY is getting some leftover shipment from their warehouse in Magenta (work & first size) and Ice Blue, you should give them a call they might still have some left [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]1 212 206 0872 - ask for Kim/Daphne/Joseph, they're very helpful.. Good luck!
  4. this morning i spoke to joseph... he said that he didn't think there were any more shipments of 05s. in the 05, they still have the ice blue and rouge day bag. i would love the rouge, but he was honest and said it was quite veiny and stiff.
  5. pgurl keep hunting!!! its a difficult task in finding the right colour you love! but totally don't give up!!!!
  6. yeppers, i bet that was the rouge hobo i returned a few weeks was even too veiny for me & i :heart: the veins :yes:
  7. I called BNY today and they have nothing left in the magentas. She said they were only getting 5 work bags and they were all gone =[ I was too slow.
  8. ^ yep, joseph said once it was on the forum... it was gone in minutes.

    by the way, he told me that the fall leather would be thick and beautiful like the original leather that we all feel inlove with. i hope so, but we'll see. :wondering *crossing fingers*
  9. Sounds goooooddd!! :yahoo:
  10. Saks Fifth Avenue in Boca Raton, FL had a Magenta First on their display about a week ago. I am sure they would transfer between stores! I, personally, do not care for pink, so I really didn't pay attention to the bag, other than, Oh, a First Magenta!. So I didn't pay attention to leather or veininess. I am going tomorrow if anyone wants me to check it out.

    I wish you well,


  11. hehe thanks =)
    It was actually the mini motorcycle -or so the SA thinks-
    she said it was 695.00, but said it was deff a magenta.
    so i bought it, well see wat it is when it comes LOL
  12. pgurl- so, you bought it? $695... it must have been the shoulder bag. congrats! magenta is a beautiful color.
  13. hmmmmmmmmmm, what's the "mini-motorcycle" girls???
  14. whats the shoulder bag look like? do u have a pic????
  15. ^ from ateliernaff: