I'm embarrassed to admit, but this is my music guilty pleasure...

  1. Me too!!! I love Poison too
  2. 90's pop music - I love listening to the stuff i listened too in high school
  3. I'm in the same boat as you. Her music is just so fun!
  4. ^yea, complicated was pretty good lol
  5. love in the afternoon listening to music w/a good book...
  6. Spice Girls! :smile:
  7. Recently... Ma$e
  8. So jealous I'm dying to go see them it's been years!
  9. They were really good!!!
  10. For me its 80's disco and hi NRG. Some favorites of mine growing up were Tapps, Lime, and Stacey Q!
  11. MC Hammer, Ice Ice Baby, NKOTB, Barry Manilow, Spice Girls....
  12. Barry Manilow, Justin Bieber (I'm of a certain age), Glee music, boy bands and Miley Cyrus. Though I'm not really that embarrassed by anything. I love all music.
  13. Totally Britney Spears. All my friends and family make fun of me.
  14. I'm a rock/metal fan but I love the Bee Gees and Puccini operas
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    I have a lot of glee covers on my ipod. a part of me feels obligated to love the originals more but dang it, the glee ones are so addictive!

    ....I also have every single Disney song on my ipod. even that song: 'it's a small world after all'. seriously. BUT I didn't add anything new since Enchanted...('True Love's First Kiss' is my fav from the Enchanted OST)