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  1. OMG IM dying to tell someone i recently visited Louis Vuitton on temple row in birmingham as I was in there, there was a lady who was exchanging her louis vuitton multicoloured Priscilla because it had mark on it when she had bought it from the shop but she had not saw them because it had been covered up in a box etc. so they exchanged it for a Onatah GM and said they were sorry for the inconvenience etc and they said this never usually happens.
    I walked out of the shop as they were wrapping the bag up for her and I ventured down an alley way at the back of the shops making my way home. then OMG I went past louis Vuitton and this was 15 minutes after, I saw the sales person from Louis Vuitton putting the bag in the large Louis Vuitton bins where the stuff inside of them is going to be incinerated I was like OMG why are they doing that...theres hardly anything wrong with it. so i waited another 15 minutes until the coast was clear and got it out. I checked the other bins but there was only rubbish in them and no more bags. ever since that day ive been going back and checking the bins, the other day I got a Billfold coin purse but the back of it was all scratched. OMG Im getting louis Vuitton for free.
  2. OMG. Good for you though.
  3. why do i highly doubt this? live up to your statements and show us some pictures...
  4. :weird: What?? wow!
  5. This is unreal. Why would the SA do this, they can sell it themselves if that's the case?
  6. I have my doubts as well....they would be sending them back to the original plant to be destroyed, etc.
    Even at places like Walmart...if something is wrong with an item it is sent back to the manufacturer.
    They have to account for every single piece of they would definitely go back to headquarters/main plant, etc,.
  7. WHAT??? I thought they allow empoyees to buy the stuff super cheap, why would they just throw it away??? WHAT??? this sounds crazy....Where's our SA friend??Dickies is his member name right, where are you? have you heard of this???
  8. I'm sorry but I don't believe a word of this. There is no way they allow the individuals stores to destroy merchandise.
  9. this is what im getting at, the bins were going to get sent away and destroyed but I dont get it myself why they would do this i was like OMG !
  10. Is the bin inside the store? If so, you can't really just take anything from inside. It's LV's property still. You could be charged with theft. It is considered stealing if they had plans to send it somewhere else to be destroyed and you took it.
  11. well yes and no, I would call it Louis Vuitton store land, the bins are on the outside of the back enterance and there big, they have a french address on them but I wouldnt call it stealing, just helping myself
  12. So you are basically saying that you stole merchandise? And you are proud of this?:shrugs:
  13. She said the bins were in the alley...
  14. no he put it in a bin so its mine now, its not louis vuittons property anymore
  15. I don't care where they were - if she took something out of them and they were going to be sent back to LV then she stole them plain and simple.
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