i'm dying for this bag, but where to get it.

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  1. [​IMG]

    besides ebay?

    ughh. i'm dying, but i think i waited too long.
  2. I some a bag from that line at Barney's Co-op. Maybe trying calling around?
  3. Saw this (as well as a very cute matching clutch) about a week ago at the Marc Jacobs store (Marc by Marc, downstairs) in Boston.
  4. I saw this at Bloomingdales SoHo in NYC yesterday.
  5. Try Bloomies in aventura,florida i think i saw one two weeks ago. it is adorable but too big for moi. good luck.
  6. Neimans and Saks...

    Call one branch - they should be able to check and see if they have it at any others. That's the FARIDAH but describe it to them too because there's at least one other MJ style with same name. I think it is Faridah Hobo.
  7. Marc by Marc Jacobs store
    they can ship it to you

    and eluxury.com
  8. wow i have the same exact problem, i had it on my wishlist from bunch of sites but they're all sold out online now. i'm gonna go check the marc jacobs store tomorrow, love this bag.

    btw how do you pronounce FARIDAH?
  9. fuh ree dah
  10. they don't have any left @ the store either in boston :sad:
  11. i've seen it at Macy*s.. but not many Macy*s carry MJ

    I saw it at the Union Square one and I know South Coast carries MJ
  12. Good luck! I hope you find it!