I'm dying for some Amarante in my life.... but which one?!?!

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Roxbury or Alma MM?

  1. Amarante Roxbury

  2. Amarante Alma MM

  3. Compromise?!?

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. #1 Jan 27, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2009
    I absolutely love amarante, but can't decide between Alma MM and Roxbury. I love both, but it's not an option....ever, because I refuse to get two investment bags (huge investment for me) in the same material.
    Roxbury I will probably use slightly more, but I've dreaming about Alma for months!!!! What do you think? :confused1:
  2. [​IMG]
    I hope you lovely ladies dont mind me borrowing your pics to decide here.... they are both inspirational :cloud9:
  3. I voted for Alma, because I think it is the most amazing bag. But if you will use the other more, that probably makes more sense.
  4. i voted alma cuz i think it's more useful....what's the compromise??
  5. ~~~ I love my Amarante Alma :love: ~~~

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  6. I dont know... maybe secretly i'm wishing someone can find a solution so I can get both of them :crybaby:
  7. I LOVE the Alma in Amarante!
  8. I would get the roxy, go for a bag that you can use more often ! :yes:
  9. Alma FOR SURE!!!!

  10. I know exactly how you feel. I voted for Roxbury because that's what I want next.
  11. I voted for Roxbury because I figured it's more versatile? You can wear it messenger style or handheld.

    All the best deciding!
  12. Alma looks great for everyday.Go for alma :tup:
  13. I voted for Roxbury, but if you really dream for an Alma- go for it! :yahoo:
    This means that you really love the bag :smile:
  14. I think that overall the Roxy is more versatile. It can be worn so many ways and easily transitions from day to night. I have it and love it.
  15. Ditto.:yes: