Im dying for a.....

  1. silver graffiti pochette and a silver graffiti speedy...


    do you guys still carry your graffiti items in public or are they "over"...

    i usually take my alma out every now and then coz it was my first LV love and i dont want her to feel neglected...

    Im blaming LV_Addict for posting her beautiful graffiti items and making me fall in love with the graffiti line all over again....

    should i get a pochette first and see how i go ??

    :love: :love:
  2. I want one too ....BAD!!!!
  3. I'm dying for a grafitti piece myself. An alma or a speedy. *sigh*...
  4. I love my Graffiti Speedy. I use it all the time and when I go into the LV store with it, all the SA's make a big deal about it, as well as the customers.

  5. You lucky girl :P
  6. I just recently got my peach pochette and the same thing happens to me! I love the attention from the SAs haha.
    It's a GORGEOUS bag and SO fun to carry...especially because NO one has it anymore. :heart:
  7. I have a silver speedy and haven't used it for a long time:shame: BUT one time when I was carrying it in LV another customer picked it up from the counter and went to carry it to the mirror:lol: My SA explained that it was not for sale ....she wanted to purchase it and mine looks like it has been abused but she wanted that graffiti feeling:roflmfao:
  8. Rare discontinued items -- especially graffiti -- are not passe. You will always get special attention at LV if you carry a discontinued or SO item.
  9. :devil: :lol: I did carry my Graffiti speedy since I got it! LOVE IT!!! And I LOVE to use my Almas in the summer as well!!! I think you should look for a speedy first (you can find a pochette much easier than speedy:idea:).
    Good luck!!!
  10. I love the Graffiti speedy as well. It's what I'm looking for, actually. It's such a cute line. I love it!
  11. i say get the speedy.
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