I'm DYING for a red Balenciaga.....

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  1. I have a black Twiggy and an Ivory City, now I really want a red Balenciaga. Either a Twiggy, City or First but I have no idea where I can get one. Where would I even start to look?
  2. Which red are you looking for? If it's Coral (which is gorgeous, by the way), it should be pretty easy to find. If you're looking for something like Tomato or RV or RT, I think the bay, RDC, or Ann's might be your best bet. :yes:

    add: Just did a search on the bay -- there are several red Bbags!
  3. Which red? There have been some really wonderful ones the last 3 years.
  4. I'm really not sure what red color I want. I haven't seen the Coral yet, but I know I love both the Tomato and Rouge. I guess if I find the right red color for a good price then I'll get it. I'm not really after a particular red....

    What are the bay, RDC and Ann's?

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  6. Neptune, I saw a new red (coral) First at NM in Atlanta this past week. They may still have it..............
  7. me too, Neptune!!

    bay is for ebay.com
    RDC is for realdealcollection.com
    Ann's is for annsfabulousfinds.com

    i've been hawking on the bottom two sites. nothing. i was holding out for 08 coral red but i still haven't seen pictures of it in daylight. i'd really like a 07 rouille or tomato. 07 vermillion is fine, too.
  8. I don't know if I can post the links so I'll just describe them:

    There's a Tomato City, Rouge Vermillon Part-Time, Coral First, and Rouge Vif City on the bay.
  9. Thank you. Are they all authentic, or should I check them in the Authenticate thread?
  10. That RV PT is TDFFFFF!!! :drool::drool: I'd pounce on it, but I'm still waiting to see the 08 coral IRL first.
  11. They are all authentic. :yes: The Tomato and Rouge Vif are being sold by PF members. I don't know the other two sellers, though. Good luck!
  12. The coral is nice. The one I saw is a nice warm red. It is not as vibrant as the tomato red and it is not as orangy as some had feared it would be. If I had not found a tomato city on RDC I would have gone for something in coral.
  13. :whistle:

    The Tomato City is mine and I can guarantee it's authentic :biguns::P

    *hope it is okay to clarify this :biggrin:
  14. If you want a true red instead of an orange-red, I would not go with coral. I turned down a coral first during the NM promo, sight unseen (based on online pics). I'm now glad I did. Tomato is a bright red, coral is more of a red orange to me...coral is true to it's name. It's pretty, don't get me wrong...just not what I wanted in a "red"....
    Holding out for the fall red...
  15. there's a vermillion red first at neiman marcus is sf...
    i saw it today and it's gorgeous...