I'm dying for a city in BORDEAUX....

  1. I know it's an 05 color...long gone. I stalk eBay but to no avail :sad: Should I just give up on my dream bag?
  2. Rumor has it they're coming out with a bordeaux for f/w 08. I know it's probably not the same, but when it comes out (if you haven't found your 05 by then) you should take a peek at it!
  3. ME TOO!!! I really want a bordeaux... in anything at this point! I just LOVE the color. No such luck :sad:
  4. send RDC an email and get her to place you on the notification list if one comes along. gl!
  5. You'll get one. A few months ago I was seeing alot of Bordeaux on eBay. I ended up getting a City. I'm sure soon there will be another surge of Bordeaux listings. Oh and tell Corey at Real Deal Collection. She's helped me find many bags I was lusting after.:smile:
  6. NEVER give up. I had bought a bordeaux twiggy and sold it only to regret it. Then I bought a bordeaux city; sold it and of course regretted it. Then, about 6 months ago, I found one on lettrade.com. I snatched that puppy up and the rest is history. They do come up for sale occasionally; just watch eBay and the other sites like a hawk!!!
  7. Don't EVER give up on your HG (Holy Grail) tarteheart..I know, as do many of the ladies and gents here, that dreams DO come true in the Bal World..anyway the thrill of the hunt is part of the fun..:search:
  8. Mhmm! Keep looking it'll eventually come up! (In the meantime maybe you should console yourself with another colour... hahahaa)
  9. Don't give up! It will show up in time! A few months back everything on my wishlist showed up in the span of 1 week (05 Turquoise, 05 Caramel AND 05 Bordeaux). My Bordeaux came from RDC and I am truly thrilled to have it.
  10. DEFINITELY let Corey know.
    I got my Bordeaux Twiggy from her and it's delish.
  11. Oh don't give up - I have learned that HGs are often like buses. You can wait for one for weeks/months and then they all show up at once!!

    and definately don't give up on Bordeaux it is a GORGEOUS color.
  12. don't give up! one will pop up - just look everyday (at least I do!)
  13. I totally agree with Hanalei. I had no interest in bordeaux until I saws slinks' bordeaux make-up clutch IRL. It was gorgeous. I was lucky enough to find one of Ebay for around $1K. I'll have to go back and look at my closed auctions, but it was somewhere around there, and it is in perfect condition. Around that same time, three or four bordeaux were on Ebay, so keep looking - they do turn up! Also, the bordeaux for fall/winter 08 - I'm sure that will be a beautiful shade too. What I have noticed about Balenciaga, is that even though sometimes they use the same names for different years, the colors tend to each be quite unique. Just keep watching on Ebay - be sure to get it authenticated if you are not sure....:yes:
  14. I agree with everyone- don't give up! It seems to me that bags come in waves- a few months ago several bordeaux's popped up around the same time. Also, my HG was rouge theater, and I recnetly missed out on 2 and was so bummed, but a few days later, another one popped up and now it's mine! So keep checking ebay, and definitely let RDC and AFF know as well. Good luck!