i'm drunk & i love lv

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  1. hey all! i eneced ip having a glass of wine otoo many after my appt tonight- i protexted my lv by jeeping my foot on her while cahtatting with a friend at the bar. i lve lv and i lvoe you all~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 hope you all are oding well. take good care, love, melis
  2. Ummm....:smile:
  3. :drinkup:

    We love LV and you too!
  4. Riiiiiight....please don't operate heavy machinery right now...
  5. :rolleyes: :P ! SOMEONE is VERY happy tonight! Hee-hee!
  6. I wonder what you'll say when you see this thread tomorrow!:P
  7. we love you too!
  8. That's cute... you type drunk too.. :graucho::P

    Cheers!! :drinkup:
  9. Lol, made me giggle...have fun!
  10. your not as think as you drunk I am!

    (oh baby - have I been there!)

    hope you have a designated driver!
  11. lol...love it! I have posted on here after having a few and the next day I go back and I groan...oh no....Funny stuff. Hope you feel ok tomorrow!!! :smile:
  12. We love you too..........:P :P Take a good sleep.
  13. Just don't do what the smiley face has done...:tispy:
  14. :lol: Too cute! Cheers!!! :drinkup:
  15. LOL... i don't think i've ever posted on a forum after having too many drinks. can't wait to see your reaction to this thread tomorrow. too funny!