I'm drooling!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I love the mono mini, I was like that over a couple of long almas I saw in the blue and the cherry,,, ugh.... that is a beautiful little bag ya see there!
  2. loves it ! got me drooling too...if only it was bigger
  3. See on the site, it's a big bag!!!
    36cm x 21cm x 16cm
  4. Is this the Marie? I've been lusting over this bag :drool: There are a couple of members here that have it, one is Gergirl I think :idea: Are you getting it? :graucho:
  5. :yes: Yeah, I have one :yes:
  6. GerGirl I'm in love with your bag :love: I think this is my LV dream bag! :nuts:
  7. ^GerGirl I love Marie!
  8. ^^Thank you :shame:
    I love her, too and I definitely have to use her more often... the last time was... ehm... ... ~ 6 month ago... :wtf:
  9. OMG i love it, still available?
  10. I adore the blue mini mono... soooo precious....
  11. master piece :heart:
  12. No... it's from 2000/2001... not sure whether it was LE or not, but it's no longer available. :yes:
  13. cute! i like it :biggrin:
  14. I think mini mono is my favorite this week! In any shape.