I’m driving myself crazy

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  1. When I was vacationing in Hawaii, I was offered C24 Constance’s in Rose Azalee and Blanc in Evercolour and PHW and a Kelly cut in Rose Poupre. I took the Constance in RA..... now I keep rethinking my decision and think I should’ve gotten the Kelly cut. I’m driving myself crazy. Can anyone make me feel better about my decision?
  2. Obviously you love the azalea most among the 3of them
    The best to suit your needs
    Imo best color among the 3
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  3. Whichever you'd bought you'd be second guessing yourself.

    Trust you made the right decision. I think you did.

    Besides, the right KC will come round again but as with most smaller clutches their use can be limited.
  4. Constance 24 in Rose Azalee is gorgeous, right decision.
  5. Knowing that you just bought a Rose Sukura Jige yesterday, I think you're really overthinking your decisions...

    Your offers were all great so it is hard to decide but a Constance is a great bag to have and that color is AMAZING!!! Constance may seem more "available" than Kelly cut, but not in that COLOR!!!

    IMHO you scored big with the C and you got a clutch too (later)!
    Relax and enjoy.
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  6. When you made the decision at the time, something in you was more drawn to the C24 than the KC (that's why you picked it!). That still holds true now, so don't regret your choice!
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  7. If you really want a KC, rose Sakura is available in that style this season. (I know because I was deciding between a RS KC and B25 for the June 2018 podium order. I chose a B25.) I see you like that color since you just bought a jige. Maybe you can find out if your store ordered it in a KC and return the jige for the KC?
  8. They are all beautiful. The Constance plus the jige is a great solution. I would get more wear out of a Constance than a KC. As between a KC and a jige, the jige is more versatile because it can be worn anytime of day or night and with any jewelry. I also think RS is more versatile than RP.
  9. Third world problems! Simply call the Hawaii store, give your credit card number, and buy the other items too-problem solved. (I buy from Hermes over the phone often.)
  10. Trust your first impressions! I drive myself crazy all the time, but I find comfort in that, when I was at the store and had everything in front of me, I was drawn a particular way. You don’t have that benefit when you look in the past. Trust yourself. You made the right decision!
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  11. Don't lifestyle and wardrobe figure in your thinking.
    The bags are not ornaments.
    You have only made a mistake if what you bought is completely useless to you.

    As others have written there are other buying opportunities for what you chose to leave behind.
    As pjhm wrote - third world problems - but I thought she meant first world.
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  12. I was hoping she meant 1st world also.
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  13. I have a KC and truly love this bag, but it's limited in terms of use and wear.
    However, from a use perspective, a C24 was in no doubt the right decision!
    I love C24's in bright colours and RA sounds like a wonderful colour for this bag.
  14. Yes, you are right!
  15. Of course! Yes!!