I'm dreaming of this bag!!!

  1. I've been wanting the Antik satchel for so long but haven't really seen it in person, till last Sunday...
    I was able to go to Neiman Marcus with my cousin and I went straight to PRADA!
    the satchel... unfortunately... was just too big for me...:sad:
    BUT WAIT!!!:nuts:
    it had a little sister!!! and its just so perfect!!!
    my new "wish I could buy very soon purse...!"
    I'm actually dreaming of this bag! and the price is more on my range!:yahoo:
    its so nice and soft and just yummy!
    but I just have to wait for a while...
    my DH did promise me a purse sometime in the next month or so...
    I just keep my fingers crossed!!!;)
    What do you think of the bag? does anyone have it?
    hope to see pics.
  2. I love it! Congratulations!
  3. The bag is beautiful! I wish someone would buy ME a purse like that...
  4. Next to the "dragon" bag on my thread, I like this one a LOT! The so-called smaller Gauffre is not so small after all, but this one is a good size to my way of thinking. Excellent selection! If my dragon bag doesn't make it from Italy this month, this is looking like my second choice!
  5. I returned the Antic Cervo Satchel because it was too big for me, I didn't know that made a "little sister" like that one. That one is the perfect size. How much is it?
  6. Styledrops has it for $1599. :nuts:
  7. Yes..they do make the Cervo satchel in a smaller size..its hard to find though!
  8. So cute!! Hmmmm...something to think about now. I still need to get me a Prada bag!!
  9. Does anyone know if the handles have enough clearance to wear over the shoulder (not using the long shoulder strap)? Looks like there are buckles beneath the handles, but are they ornamental or do they adjust length of handles?
  10. Ooooo lookie what just came in an email for me! What do you guys think?
  11. ^ I saw it at NM last week..in a diff color..Its cute..I think its 1800ish..if its the same size one I saw.I liked it ALOT.
  12. OMG!!! you lucky girl!!!:yahoo:
    you have my "so want it very bad bag!"
    isn't it lovely!:love: its just a different color but just as perfect!
    Oh! I just hope my DH doesn't get shocked when I tell him how much this bag is...:shame:
    The most $$$ on a bag he got for me was about $1000.
    But just looking at all you ladies beautiful bags...
    just seem to add fire to an already bad bag addiction!:nuts:
  13. I did try it on... the handles are only hand held and I do think that the bucles are ornamental... maybe Prada Psycho can tell us more.:smile:
  14. Thanks Sarsi. Prada Psycho can you confirm with that gorgeous specimen you have in hand?
  15. ^ I dont think PradaPsycho HAS the actual bag..she got AN EMAIL ABOUT the bag.....I would be interested in knowing if the smaller version has shoulder height straps too..That would be COOL!!