I'm dreaming of a COACH Christmas...

  1. Ok ok no surprises this Christmas! I am a louis fan, but I have become addicted to the local outlet...which has amazing deals. Ladies it is worth the trip as far as I'm concerned!

    My Christmas presents:
    mini sig weekend carryall - it retails at 398...embrace yourselves, i got this bag for only $190! cheap outlet price plus christmas discount, plus 20% discount on top of that.

    Coach planner 5x7 .i cant wait! - around 100 dollars at the outlet. mini sig

    Coach signature hamptoms wallet.... around 70.

    I Cant wait for CHRISTMAS MORNING!
    after this is a designer fast
  2. congrats!! its always nice to see a lover of another brand enjoy coach!
  3. Great finds! I've never been to the outlets here in Ohio, I've wanted to, but they are about 2 hours away.
  4. Congrats, sounds like you got great finds. I can't wait for Christmas morning either!
  5. Nice Finds! I Know, I Love The Lv Too, But Coach Makes Such Fun Bags And Funky Prints That I Love To Mix It Up. Plus...it Doesn't Cost An Arm And Two Legs