I'm dreaming of a Blanc New Year!!!

  1. Just thought I'd let everyone know that I'll be getting a Blanc baby Paddy sometime in the next week or so! look for pictures-:yahoo: I'm very excited, can you tell?
  2. oh wow, good for you....we'll be waiting for pics....
  3. Congratulations! Can't wait to see pics!
  4. I will definitely post lots of pics when it arrives!
  5. Fabulous! Can't wait to see it!
  6. Got my Blanc today!!! Will take loads of pics tomorrow!!!
  7. Congratulations!
  8. Did I miss your pictures??
  9. Oh i've just ordered a mini, would love to see ur pics!
  10. I looveee the mini. Congrats..Can't wait to see the pics:tup:
  11. I will definitely get pics up tonight! I wanted BF to take them, as he has a nice digital camera- but he is lazy LOL!
  12. OK pics are finally here!!! Excuse the lovely outfit, it's Sunday night LOL. I love this bag!!! I'll have a shoulder pic in a bit also, I just removed the first one cause it was hideous! LOL
    Blanc1 (Large) copy.jpg Blanc4 (Large) copy.jpg Blanc2 (Large) copy (Large).jpg Blanc3 (Large) copy (Large).jpg
  13. One more- also forgot to add- I heard a lot of negative things about 07 leather, but this bag is getting softer each time I use it. As you can see in that first pic, it's a lovely paddy puddle!
    lock (Large) copy (Large).jpg
  14. I so love your white bag; they are priceless to have don't you think? Everyone gets a black bag automatically, the same should be said for a white purse!

    Which BTW looks adorable on you!! Thanks for the pics; I LOVE LOVE modeling photo shots. It's the best way to get a feel for a bag!
  15. You look very sexy in the picture and the bag is sensational on you!