I'm dreaming of a BLACK Christmas! ** Newest Edition **

  1. What a loooooooooovley surprise! I was expecting this darling tomorrow! :yahoo:


    My newest edition - a lovely, new, sooooooft Black Twiggy!

    It arrived today and the packing box was slightly crushed (I freaked!) but all was good - and what was to be inside would BLOW me away!

    This bag has the most softest, wrinkly leather ever. She's very shiny at the moment, so I am looking forward to wearing this baby in! I wont be using any product on this bag. I can just tell this will be one of my faves!

    I even got a Chrissy card with my bag! This has really made my day!

    I went a little snap-happy with the pics so I dont expect you to look at them all... lol :shame:

    I've taken pics in sunlight and close-ups of the leather as well as comparison shots with my Black Brief - both are VERY different!

    Enjoy :heart:

    twiggy+card.JPG twiggy-sunlight.JPG twiggy-back.JPG twiggy&brief-sunlight.JPG Sisters.JPG
  2. Absolutely love it!!:love: Congrats and Merry Christmas, FashionCult!:tender::heart:
  3. I love your wrinkly twiggy. Enjoy..
  4. Thanks Marie!

    You too! Your collection seems to be getting bigger and bigger!
  5. ... and I cant stop SMELLING the leather!

    It's awsome!
  6. Congrats I love black bags!
  7. Beautiful! I love how its super distressed. And you can't go wrong with a black bag!
  8. Ooohh loving the distressed leather! Merry Christmas ;)
  9. Why thank you!

    Cant wait to see your new additions that are on the way... All 50 of them :lol:

    The leather is seriously awsome!
  10. Beautiful!! Congrats :smile: I agree, the leather is TDF!
  11. Love it. A black twiggy is so chic and easy to use. I wonder if black leather from 07 are all shiny and wrinkly? It certainly looks this way on my newly acquired 07 black first.
  12. I totally agree! Black is soooo easy to match.

    Still trying to find out what year mine is from, so you might be correct?
  13. Wow, what an awesome 'Black X'mas' u have! Love it!

    Congrats, fashion-cult!
  14. Thanks nada

    Love your quote... so true... hee hee
  15. What a great treat. :tup:Congrats.:yahoo: