I'm drawn to leopard bays...but which colour?

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  1. Hm.. I've been looking at the blue leopard Bays that has been on Ebay the last couple of weeks or so. It's a fun bag at the same time as it's chic, and the deep blue colour keep it from being too bling. It would be a great bag for all kinds of weather since it's patent.

    Something is holding me back though - maybe it's just that I've spent way too much lately and have bags in the pipeline so to speak for autumn. (So should stay away I guess, but..) Or maybe the colour is not totally me. I just have a couple of blueish bags, no fancy designer. One is a summer bag (leather in blue/green and a small trim with flowers on the top), so that's why. The other one is a really tiny one, so doesn't really fit much.

    The other leopard bag choice is the coral leopard bays clutch in the AW collection. I didn't pay attention to it when they had it in the store unfortunately (just looked at the coral croc print one). That would be a new style to me, and smaller, so good for going out too. But is the design nice as a shoulder bag? The colour is eye catching, but nice:smile:

    I would appreciate your opinions very much! I need to get it out of my head, make a decision hehe. So what do you think, which one would be right for me - stylewise and colourwise, both regarding my colours and my collection..?

    And lastly, which do you think will be the best long term bag (don't want to spend too much on a one season bag...)
  2. Oh Lillemy thats a hard one. I've seen a blue leopard bays at Bicester and it is divine. I wanted one myself but DH hates animal prints and put me off (I don't usually take notice of him but wanted to keep his goodwill as I've bought loads lately). The coral bays clutch looks lovely in the pics. I guess you will have to decide which style suits you or which you are lacking. you know bays suits you, have you actually tried the clutch to know it suits you?
    I know I'm no help at all actually!
  3. In the celeb thread there is a picture of someone (no idea who she is) holding one of the new clutches in leopard print - is that the coral?? Looks lighter than that to me...
  4. Here it is (pic from Kat4):

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  5. OMG, I am officially in bag heaven :faint::faint::faint::faint::faint:
  6. Lol I can't decide if I like it....I think if the bays clutch could be done in the navy leopard print then I'd love it as it had black in it too so would work for nights out...
  7. Actually, I love that Bays clutch in the pic above!!! That is stunning. I would prefer that to the large Bays. It's quite edgy looking.
  8. Awwww I'm eagerly waiting to see that mono leopard Bays!! I prefer those bigger pattern (compared to prev blue ones), seems less 'animal' iykwim and being mono tone reminds me those cool Italian granite stones - :drool:
  9. Does anyone know how much these kind of bays clutches will cost??
  10. here's the coral bays clutch. the model is holding the mono one. I prefer the coral, but the other one is gorgeous as well. it's just a bit too pale for me I think..

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  11. Here in Norway it will cost NOK 5.650, which today equals appr. £536

  12. Ah right - goodness the colours are very different...
  13. Ah OK, the previous bays clutches were £495 here at full price so I guess these might be a bit more. I'd love to see them irl :smile:
  14. and here is a modelling pic.

    It looks so good when just carried under the arm or in the hand. But will it look good with the shoulder strap as well? think it looses some of the cool style then. on the other hand, I saw a girl with a lipstick one here the other day (on the shoulder) and that was beautiful. but the lipstick one has the leather finish. but maybe the patent will be as gorgeous as well?!

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  15. I'm thinking the same, it's cool:graucho:

    ahh, so annoyed with myself that I didn't have a proper look at it earlier when I had the chance. (the blue ones are on ebay now, and it might be a few weeks until they get them in the stores) but I like the coral croc print one, so seen the design and more or less the same colour. liked how it was soft and easy to hold onto. wonder if the patent will feel the same?