I'm Down in the Dumps :o(

  1. Soooo, this year has been a year full of spending. And what's so unfortunate, is the beginning of the year was a lot of buying and then selling (for a fraction of the price, of course) to really hit my stride and find bags/styles that really suited me. So I'm happy to say that I now have a collection that I can truly be proud of (discovering TPF was the best part of 2007!!!). But, I'm just now recovering from all the spending, much of which was done via credit card. Now that it's finally paid off, I've promised my SO no more purses for the rest of the year. But as more time goes on I know that there is one more bag, that I REALLY REALLY want more than anything!!!! A Cerises Speedy!! I could just kick myself for not getting into Louis Vuitton two years ago (would you believe back then I had one black bag and one brown and though $100 was expensive??), but no use crying over spilled milk. Here's my dilemma...I see some great Speedy's occassionally on eBay or let-trade, etc. I know as more time goes on the ones that are like new or with a slight patina will become harder to find. If I really buckled down I could maybe get one at the end of October. But I really should wait til next year....I have my bf's birthday, our anniversary, and christmas all in December (plus he has my bday also in Dec). But that is like my holy grail (well really it would be the Mirage in Bordeaux but that's completely out of my range) I really want it. What do you guys think? I guess right now I'm going through my obsessive phase. I know I'll eventually get over it, but I'm so sad today. :crybaby:
  2. I would hate to be the cause of your boyfriend putting you out (lol), but if you're really itching for the Cerises Speedy, why not look for an eBay seller who will allow you to pay in installments? That way, you're not spending a ton of money all at once.
  3. yea, i agree, what about a layaway? Otherwise, I would wait till next year - they'll always be some out there! good luck!
  4. Yes, I think I'll try and go that route. Either layaway or just make it my #1 priority for 2008. But in the meantime...:crybaby:
  5. if u really want it you should get it! if u don't get it you will keep wnating it until u got it... when i wnat a bag i keep on thinking about it until i got it. unfortunately when i finally get THAT bag, i want ANOTHER bag REALLY badly.
  6. Give it a few days....sometimes I find that after awhile, I quit thinking about it and then I'm glad I didn't make the purchase. If you're still lusting over it, then go for it!
  7. ITA with this. I was lusting after the Nimbus Anthracite PM when it came out and was a little worried that I hadn't waitlisted. I held off on it, saw it today and I've decided that it's not my gray bag for this season.
  8. Ahh you're a December baby, too! Sucky time of the year, huh? I'm 2 days before Christmas, the 23rd, and the last thing anyone wants to think about at that time of year is a birthday when there's all the Christmas hubbub about! :push:

    Why not find an installments seller as others have mentioned, pay it off and ask your SO to pay the final installment as your birthday present?
  9. You may kick yourself 2 years from now if you don't get your mirage speedy while you have the chance!!!
  10. girl. I'm in the same boat as you- let's paddle awaaaaaaaay from the LV tropical island we feign for~

    right now- I want a Trevi PM or a Cabby MM- either will suffice
  11. FrankieP, you're two days before? I'm two days after on the 27th!!! :p And YES, it sucks bigtime!!! Unfortunately, the only person who even tries to remember is my mother. She's a big jewelry person so I always get nice jewelry from her. But she'd die if she knew how much I paid for my bags!! I guess everyone has their own loves. My boyfriend and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum, he doesn't think I've ever spent over like $300 for a bag. But if I can find a seller with a payment plan, maybe I could get it down to something he'd find reasonable and have him make the final payment. I'm very independent minded though, I've bought all my own bags...makes me feel better somehow. I dunno...I'll try to think on it some more and plot the best course of action. Thanks everyone for your suggestion/thoughts.
  12. ^^^:yes: Good advice, I find that often I think I really want something and after a few days I lose interest. However, if I am still thinking about it than it means it is something I really want. (Like my Mirage speedy even though i was on a ban)
  13. I take about 2 weeks to get over an obsession but I do get over it if I give myself time.
    Good luck, whatever you decide!
  14. Oh my sweet dear, LV is not meant to make you feel down. LV is meant to lift your spirits. Relax I assure you that there will be a lightly patinaed Cerises Speedy with your name on it for sale in a year.
  15. I say stick to your ban. There will always be more bags next year.