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  1. Hello all,

    I have spent an inordinate amount of time reading so many threads and posts over the past several weeks... I purchased my gorgeous Kelly bag and my first scarf... I plan to continue my Hermes collection but not my participation in this forum. The idea is a great one - bring people together to share a beloved icon - but the implementation is nearly impossible without complications. I'm a grown-up, I understand complications... but the bad behavior I'm seeing here is actually spoiling my love of the Hermes brand itself; I do not want to think of the ranting and raving I've witnessed when I look at my beautiful bag or a new scarf. The only way I know to prevent that is to leave this forum.

    Best of luck to everyone.

  2. This makes me sad....I read the Hermes threads alot...I do not often say much as Im not a Hermes girl (yet!!!) However the last few days some of the threads have been upsetting and a bit harsh. Im sorry to see people leave because of opinions, and sometimes harsh words. Its really too bad. (I know it happens all over the boards..not just Hermes) I had a moment a few months back that upset me and I almost said my good byes....however, I decided there is far more good than bad, and I take what I like and leave the rest. Im sorry some gals are going away with a bad taste.:sad:
  3. I'm with Sunshine. I'm more of a Hermes reader than a Hermes participator because my Hermes collection is tiny compared to the participators in this forum. I think that this is an unfortunate situation that may have been able to been handle differently. Jenifer please don't leave from one situation. There is so much more good than bad.
  4. Jenifer please don't leave! We are a bunch of people with opinions but that's all they really are. Mainly positive but some delivered with attitude at times. As with all areas of life you will find a bunch of people you agree with and some you do not. There are so many fantastic people on this forum who will be there to support you no matter what. If you still decide to leave, know that you can always return and we will be happy to see you back.:heart:
  5. First of all I want to say that I have really enjoyed my time on this subforum. I have met a lot of nice people and learned a lot. All of the drama lately is unfortunate and I hope that things get back to normal soon. :yes: After experiencing continued questionable service at the SF H I've decided that I'm going to focus my attention on Goyard and LV. Wish you all the best of luck finding the bags you are looking for.
    :flowers: :flowers: Heather
  6. To each his (her) own ... may you find peace in your decision.
  7. I'm sorry you cant stand what's being written on this sub-forum. The drama will come and go, I've seen this happen in other boards as well.

    Best of luck on your future endeavour.
  8. Oh, don't go Heather! These things happen in each and every "family"....I don't know the details of what happened (since everything happened when I was sleeping) but I'll really miss you (and Duna will miss Bailey!) After the storm, the sun always shines again...Having said this, I respect your decision... I just hope you'll change your mind!:yes: :heart:
  9. whatever choice you make, I hope that all can respect it.... we come to this subforum to have fun and learn....... and sometimes, the drama gets in the way...
  10. Duna.....LOL! You ARE Italian! I LOVE your analogy! You should have been around my family when the sh*t started flying....but at the end of the day, we LOVED each other! Actually, my 90-year old Nanna, who loved her family more than life itself, couldn't remember what she had for breakfast that morning but remembered every detail of what her sister-in-law did to her 50 years earlier! You gotta laugh.......
  11. Oooops! .....OT......sorry......:back2topic:

  12. LOL D, that was funny about your nanna!
  13. :lol: You guys know I can't stay away forever. I'll just live vicariously through your purchases til I can go to SCP and shop. :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: Thanks Duna! Bailey says hi to Duna!!
  14. This is trully sad that our members are starting to feel this way about our Subforum. I am so sorry that you feel taht you have to leave, please don't. But if you do remember you have a family here that loves you and welcomes you back with open arms.

    Hopefully this will teach us on the sensitivity of our members and the next time someone decides to say something harsh to a member she's really not saying it to her she's saying it to everyone!
  15. an old cliche comes to mind, let's not let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch. there's a lot of knowledge, support and camaraderie to be found on this forum, I hope we can all rise above the nonsense and stay focused on the good stuff.