I'm Done...

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  1. I joined the forum for some fun. I thought it was really cool to share my "hobby" with other people that shared my obsession. But, I've found out that people are very hurtful and really have not left junior high.

    I believe the Coach forum should not have been shut down, but that the people feeding the drama and the snottiness should have been banned/blocked from this site.

    That's all. I'm sad and I'm done.
  2. I never get these "goodbye" threads. Are we supposed to convince you to stay? If you really want to leave, then why post and announce it? Just leave.
    That being said...maybe try to loosen up a bit? There will always be catty people in life. Once you let what they say slide off your back, things will be much easier in life.
    But, sorry things didn't work out, as there are a lot of great people here and lots of great info.
  3. um bye?
  4. Oohhh, the token "Goodbye cruel online-world!!!!" post.

    Cya!! :smile:
  5. Oh, and PS: Aren't you a part of this group, for even making this post??
  6. UGH.....Enough Coach drama PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.