I'm done with eBay & a couple questions...

  1. Ok, I really do have some questions, but need to vent first. I've had a nightmare time with this round of auctions. First, a couple listings got cancelled by VeRO and nothing would satisfy them - receipts, more detailed photos, nothing. I just kept getting the standard "you must do what you can to ensure that your items are authentic before listing." Fine. I'll keep the darn things.

    So, my other auctions ended last night and I sent invoices out this morning. One buyer contacts me immediately and writes that he wants the item shipped internationally. I refuse stating that it's very clear in my listing that I only ship to within the US. He sends money anyway along with a hostile message about how, where and when to send. While I'm trying to figure that out, I get a message from eBay that everything related to my listing was removed due to unauthorized bidding activity. So, now I can't even offer it to the next highest bidder and must relist?

    Also, if someone pays by eCheck, I'm not obligated to send until the funds show as cleared in *my* Paypal account, right? Not just because the money has already been taken from her checking account?

    And my last question, has anyone tried their luck selling elsewhere, like Craigslist? Would you recommend it?

  2. I can only answer the echeck thing -- don't mail anything until the funds are cleared and appear in your paypal account.
    This eBay VeRO thing is getting out of control! Not to mention it is sooooo ineffective.
  3. Like chiaoapple said.. DO NOT MAIL ANYTHING until your are 1000000% sure that the funds have cleared and are in YOUR bank. Especially if it is international shipping, it could have come from a fraudulant account. Goodluck!
  4. Well, at least "unauthorized bidding activity" means (to me) that they don't spend all their time harrassing legit sellers! If this happened to me, I would wait the 7 days it supposedly takes for an echeck to clear-on day 8, I would contact paypal and eBay-unfortunately, I think the check is their first move in a scam-don't send anything out-it would be too easy to send the bag, then have some third party freeze the $ because the buyer was not legit, and then you have a real mess-good luck to you!
  5. PS...forgot to say I listed two things on Craigslist for the first time yesterday (furniture and a good mixer)...since they are almost impossible to figure out shipping wise-will let you know if this experiment produces and legit interest!