i'm done for the rest of the year!!!

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  1. For the last few months i've done too much shopping. So this is the last of it for this year.
    My recent trip to Japan pretty much topped it off and now i'm officially on a ban!

    Here's are my proddies::yahoo:

    PNY dark white wallet

    Peach ballerina shoes

    White lambskin classic flap with silver hardware


    And last of all beige caviar classic flap with silver hardware

  2. Adore the flaps!
  3. U look great with the classic flap bags.....Gorgeous purchases here!

  4. :crybaby:This is it for along while.
  5. Thanks ladies.....I'm a lil bit pregnant in these pics. Can't hide it.
  6. awesome purchases!! love both flap, but the white one looks really adorable on you!! love it!! :love:
  7. You look so good with your new flaps and your pregnant belly! I hope I look that good when I'm pregnant :smile:. How were the prices in Japan?
  8. I love the flaps and your pregnant belly too.. beautiful..
  9. Congrats!:drool:Gorgeous buys and you look a perfect Mom to be don't worry!:yes::cutesy:
  10. :heart: everything.

    Congrats on your new goodies. :tup:
  11. thanks Ladies, to my surprise the prices in Japan are pretty similar to Australian prices due to our strong Aussie dollar. But still will be expensive comparable to US prices.
  12. Love them all! Congrats for your pregnancy!
  13. Thanks Cyprus.
  14. wow what a haul.. everything are sooo beautiful, love the flaps

    and not to forget, congrats with the pregnancy :heart:
  15. Gorgeous bags, congrats!