I'm doing something DIFFERENT lately and LOVING IT!!!

  1. Starting back in March, I started getting into designer bags (due partly to this forum) and decided that now that I'm getting a little older (29), I shoud have a nice bag. So, I went on a bag hiatus and bough 8 Louis Vuittons, one Dior, and a MJ Stam. But very recently I started noticing other "not so designer" bags, like Cole Haan and I LOVE IT! I just bought two Cole Haans and a new Lucky Brand bag and I'm more in love with them than any of my LVs. In fact, I'm kind of embarrassed to carry them because they seem flashy and show-offy to me now. Whereas my new purchases are understated and truly beautiful, not beautiful because they have the letters "LV" splashed all over it.
    Anyone else getting over bags that blatantly show who the desginer is??? Is anyone else looking at all the other fanstatic brands out there that are not necessarily immediately recognizable???:confused1:
  2. I have a super cute Michael Kors. It is soooo comfy to carry. Just gets dirty easily. I also have a KVZ rodeo bag that I just love to death. Funny!
  3. I purchased two cole haan bags this summer and love them. Sometimes you want to be ber very suttle with your handbags.
  4. I also feel that way sometimes, so I usually carry a bag that doesn't have any logos stamped all over it (Balenciaga, B & D, Rafe, etc.). Then there are times when I want to "show off", like I recently vacationed in Vegas so, I brought my Spy bag, a Chanel bag and a LV bag. Cole Haan, I've noticed this year has come up with some gorgeous bags and I've always been a fan of the Lucky Brand bags, I got my niece hooked on them!....unfortunately I feel I've past the age limit on those cute bags. I think most of us have days where we want to carry a nonconspicuous handbag for some reason or another.
  5. Absolutely! I look for unknown bags that I really like...I'm always surprised by what I find out there from companies and designers that aren't so recognizable, and there are great buys. One company that I always mention here is Tano. I am simply amazed that many others haven't found this company yet... I also love the Cole Haan collections this year; but I have noticed the price creeping up on them as well. I have several Luckys in the closet, lots of Coach, Aaneta, , Tano, Via Spiga, etc. Fabulous quality and great prices..and very understated. Another not too well known designer I love is Christopher Kon. Very cool understated bags with a great price.
  6. Believe me, I would love to have a high-end designer bag, but as I really get into a lot of the specific posts about quality issues, I find that even the high-end designer bags are not immune to defects and problems. That is why I am on this forum.....I want to do a lot of research before I plunk down $1000 or more for a bag. In the meantime, I have some not-so high end bags that I would not part with, such as Cole Haan, Michael Kors, and another designer that you should really look in to, is Francesco Biasia. The leather on the FB's is absolutely to die for, and the hardware is gorgeous on all of the designers I have mentioned. And I think that spending $300 to $400 on a bag can get you all of the above and you will love them just as well. If you have never had a Dooney, don't let all the bad postings steer you away from that brand either, as long as you don't go for the cutesy stuff they have been putting out lately. Their classics are absolutely great, really.
  7. LV was the brand which got me hooked with designer bags and than I discovered PB and I got more to know about others designers like Chloe, Balenciaga etc. I sold all my LVs except for one MC white which will go as well in autumn when Ebay isn't that slow anymore. I replaced them with Balenciaga, Chloe and Kooba which aren't as flashy as LV. My love for LV is definetely over. I do like the leather bags of LV but not so much that I feel the need in buying one. I always have been a very understated person in cloths, cars etc and therefor LV isn't the designer for me. That's why I love Bbags so much because they don't have any logo on it and amazing leather and colours.
  8. I'm right there with you. I love LV, but after buying and returning/selling three Mono bags this summer, I've learned that I don't feel comfortable wearing them because of the ostentatiousness. Damier works great for me though, and I'd probably be fine with Epi, although I don't have any yet. I'm a big believer in understatement.

    Now, I'm branching out a bit. I just got a pre-loved Fendi baby Spy, which I like - it's unique and good-quality, but not flashy. I'm also starting to explore some of the Chloe stuff. It's just as pricey as LV but less recognizable (at least where I live), and the soft, yummy leather is just TDF - something I really missed with LV.

    That said, I do love Cole Haan and Coach leather bags, and I still have some of them in my closet. You can't go wrong with Coach classic shapes, CH funky inspired stuff, and outstanding quality (both). D&B hasn't blown my skirt up yet, but their quality is also fabulous. Lucky and Kooba have some really fun shapes and cute details! And the best part is, you can get a year's worth (2, 3, 4 or more) of these for the price of one high-end bag!
  9. I really like mulberry and paul smith. here no one would really know unless i introduced them to it. i was a little hesistant to get a designer bag for school. Usually its either normal back packs, lesportsac, and other cheap totes or right up there with the chanel cambons and balanciaga. The messenger I'm ordering today blends in, except I know that its paul smith.
  10. I got my first (and probably only) LV as a gift from my hubby, and while I do love it, there are many times I want something a little more funky and fun, and less conspicuous! My sis-in-law can't believe I would ever carry anything but the LV, but I always change my bags around. I'm always in a different mood. I have one big navy bag I love in particular because it is so comfortable to wear too. I love navy with jeans!
  11. As a bag browser, I think Tano rules! And so do indie designers! :smile:
  12. I swing back and forth on this one regularly with no shame! :lol:

    I love my Mulberry bags, which are my only high-end bags (excluding the MJ - that one is on the way out). Some weeks that is all I will carry, day after day. Then, suddenly, I have a yearning for my kickier Fryes, Ellingtons and tooled leather bags, and find myself equally thrilled to have those to play with.

    I think it's easy to get caught up in the expensive-must-mean-good frame of mind. Bottom line is a bag should function, should be well made, should complete your outfit and should make you feel good. Price doesn't necessarily imply any of those things. :yes:
  13. I have some Furla bags which I love and I've also seen neat designs by Francesco Biasia and Kenneth Cole.
  14. Comfortable, understated bags without the designer's logo plastered all over it are my choice now. Cole Haan makes wonderful handbags as does Brighton and a few others. Personally, I feel it shouldn't be so obvious where my designer items are from.
    Also, if you're carrying a well-known bag with the designer's name emblazoned everywhere, you are also making yourself into a target. My husband explained this to me concerning my handbags and jewelry and I have to admit that he is right.
    Less may or may not be more depending on your outlook, but it is definitely safer. Call it old age if you wish, but I call it wisdom.
  15. I don't see any real "beauty" in most bags, and I certainly don't buy LV because of the initials. I happen to like the Mono and Damier lines because they're the historical patterns, I like SOME of the styles, and I buy according to my budget and whether the bag will work for me. At the end of the day, if the bag isn't durable, is too big or too small for my needs, and it doesn't have a cell phone pocket and zip top, it's a waste of my time to even consider it--no matter who makes it.