I'm disgusted of my own kind...

  1. Okay, I am SO ANNOYED at all the preteen-teenage girls in my school/town/area/whatever and their fake bags!

    People in my school will always be chatting about their huge Coach collections, and someone will say "Are they real?" And they'll say "Of course not!" Ewww! Then someone, followed by everyone else will say "Real bags are so pointless. There's a total waste of money and there's no point in buying them instead of fakes."

    Uh, quality, maybe? Peace of mind to know you aren't contributing to crime?

    A month ago I was going to the mall with my mom's friend's daughter. I had seen her horribly pleather fake LV and was disgusted but when her mom was driving us she (the mom) asked me if I'd ever been to Cowtown. I told her that I hadn't, and she said that I just HAD to go. "GREEEAT fake bags," she said. I was like "Mmhmm..." but really, that's just disgusting!

    One of my classmate's is always carrying different fake Coaches, and its just disgusting that people compliment her on them. Fakes are worse than Walmart purses, girls! Get something cute from there instead of embarrassing yourself and promoting illegal things.

    I hate fakes :mad:
  2. I am 27, but I can't help but cringe when I see all these teen girls carrying fake bags. I was at the mall yesterday and I saw at least a half dozen fake LVs and Chanels on the arms of girls who looked no older than 13 or 14. There's not a whole lot that can be done about it though. If they want to look like fools, so be it. At least you can feel good about your choice not to participate in such foolishness.
  3. 98% of girls in my school carry around authentic purses.
    It may just be because i live in a upper middle class+ township
  4. Yeah I don't like the fakes either, but what can you do about it? They have their minds set on the fakes and you'll never convince them not to buy them. Trust me, I know.
  5. 4 yrs. ago i told my middleschool teacher to buy real purses and she spazzed
    she was like

    "i only make 60,000 a year! im not a rich spoiled brat like you"

    i was in sixth grade at the time...she made me cry:crybaby:
  6. elli, i must say how impressed i am at how you think about fakes!!!

    and i think most of us would unanimously agree that it's better to buy a bag in your price range than to buy the fake of one you can't afford.
  7. trust me, i've seen plenty of girls who lived in upper class areas carrying fakes. maybe they're just ignorant?
  8. They talk about the 2% of girls with fake purses,lol
    they think they are disgusting,i agree, but i won't make fun of someone for having one,you know?
  9. I hate fakes. At my school, it's both. Some kids carry fakes and some kids carry real.

    I don't think money has much to do with it. The girl who some of my peers say is, "the richest girl in the school" carries fake Chanel and real Coach. (odd)
  10. Well Coach is much cheaper than Chanel,but is she is "the richest girl in school" she just buy the real ones for quality
  11. at least not to their face...
  12. I'm a teacher and if she said that to you-you should have reported her to the principal-it's unacceptable to call you a spoiled brat. She could think it-but NOT verbalize it!:blink:
  13. Yes, i told my mom and she called Guidance.
    Guidance said they "spoke to her"
    but i doubt it.
  14. Well..that's not very professional of her..she should have a lot more decorum than that. I would have told the principal or someone else..there's no excuse for talking to students that way.
  15. I'm not that kind of person.
    If i have soemthing to say i will say it to their face,lol