im devistated! my cat had a stroke :(

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  1. im so sad :sad: my cats name is bashful and hes 14 years old, hes always been in really good shape for his age but a couple days ago he had a stroke.

    i was in the living room and i heard him make a really weird noise like someone stepped on his tail or something. i went over to him and he was lying in the middle of the hallway so i picked him up and petted him for a bit until he fell asleep. when he woke up and started walking around i noticed he was dragging one if his back legs as he walked, it almost looks broken but he doesn't seem to be in any pain. he also shakes alot for no reason and sleeps alot more than usual. its so sad because now i keep thinking he could have another stroke or something else could happen to him because of his old age. he never seemed like an old cat before but now it seems like he doesnt have that much time left :sad:
  2. Take him to the vet immediately.
  3. I'm so sorry! I really hope your cat gets better, please if you do take him to a vet make sure the vet is reputable or get a 2nd opinion. Good luck with Bashful and I sincerely hope he gets better :heart:
  4. i am so sorry. my brothers dog has seizures and though we are already used to it, everytime he has one, we both get sooooo scared and its been going on for 4 years. so i know how you must feel and my heart goes out to you. keep us posted with what the vet says.
  5. theirs nothing the vet can do really, hes not in pain and they cant undo the damage thats already been done. if they could help him i would take him.
  6. another thing, the vet in my area really isnt that great. ive been before with my other cat they basically looked at her for 5 mins and said theirs nothing they could do and then billed me. thank you everyone for your respenses, it means alot
  7. hugs n kisses :heart: keep us posted and i am sure the cat is happy being next to you:tup:
  8. I"m so sorry about your dear cat. If it seems he's in pain or not eating, or other signs that he's declining badly, please consider helping him go painlessly, so he doesn't suffer any longer. It's hard, but a gift we can give our pets.
  9. If I were you, I would change vets immediatly if not yesterday. There is no call for treating someone like this. I'm laying odds your vet is a man? I have a female vet for this very reason, by nature women are more compassionate and I don't feel like I've been bamboozled even when it's hopeless.

    14 isn't THAT old for a cat. I have a 17 year old who's as bouncy as can be. Her diet was changed recently by said female vet and she's doing wonderful.

    Now, about your kitty... is it just his hind legs or does he also have paralisis in the front as well? I ask because we are going through something simular with our Terrier, she suddenly couldn't walk anymore with her hind legs. Turned out it looks like she had a spinal emboli and with nursing care, she should walk again in a few months. I've ordered a proffesional sling to use on her to help her walk, but I also, just in case, looked into getting her a wheelchair as well. They also make them for cats. Go to They even made one for a CHICKEN and a BUNNY!

    I wish you luck honey... if he seems to be in pain, the best thing to do would be to have him put to sleep, but if he's not, do what you can to make him comfy. PM me if you want.

  10. I am so sorry this happened, by the way, and I hope your kitty gets the best care available!
  11. I'm sorry. Please take him to the vet ASAP, so he can get checked out. You can even take him 24 hr animal hospital and get him checked there. I hope your cat feels better.

  12. its just one of his hind legs that isnt working properly, but hes eating just fine and doesnt seem like hes in pain. if he gets worse i will take him to a different vet right away.

    thanks for the advice everyone ;)
  13. awww.... i'm sorry. i hope it won't happen again. (((hugs))) at least he doesn't seem to be in pain. it's so hard when pets get old and frail.
  14. I don´t really think it´s safe to assume anything, since you are not a vet. But regardless, sorry about your cat.
  15. Um, a stroke is a cerebral (brain) hemmorage and usually affects an entire side of the animal, not just one leg. But you know what you can afford, just don't take him back to the vet you mentioned before. I also beg you to not wait to see if he gets worse... cats are good at hiding pain, and he could, unbeenowst to you, crawl under something and die.

    Agreed. 100% agreed. I thought Tippett-Spike was having problems because she is old, and it turned out to be something totally different I'd never heard of. She's on the proper treatment now and is doing better.
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