i'm desperately looking for a RIVETING bag in leather!!!

  1. :heart:hi everyone!!
    i'm looking for an LV riventing bag in leather! has anyone spotted any? or are they absolutely sold out? I am usually at the Chanel forum so i have no clue about LV. I know that this bag was a limited edition. Recently my mom saw a lady with this bag and she told me she really liked it and wanted it. We went to LV boutique here in Canada, the SA said they were long gone! so maybe they still have one left in the states? Please help!
    i really want to get this for my mom for x'mas =)
    thank you in advance =) :heart:
  2. Have you tried calling the 866 number? They usually can locate one if there are any available. Good luck and keep us posted!
  3. If there are none available at 866, I definitely saw a black one on let-trade. Might've had a white one too...can't remember. Good luck! I have the mono riveting and it is my favorite bag!
  4. I saw a white one in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago @ the Caesar's Forum.
  5. I saw a white one at Fashion Valley in San Diego on Wednesday. Good luck!! :smile:
  6. Lets Trade has a black one for sale :tup:
  7. Did you get one from the many listed? We are dying to know!
  8. I saw a black leather riveting in Las Vegas during Thanksgiving. I think it was at the Fashion Show LV main store....
  9. Saw a black one on Let-Trade website about 20 minutes ago.