I'm deeply in love...

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  1. Today I saw the new Luxury by Chanel flap in white for $2225 at my store, and I am beyond in love!! It is soooooo beautiful!!!! The new copper color is fantastic as well. Has anyone else seen it??
  2. nooooo!
    Shannon called to remind me about the Incircle Private Party last night but I couldn't go :sad:
    I wonder if she got any?
    I LOOOOVE Luxe!
    Tell me about it! How does it differ from past season?
    Huh? tell me, tell me, tell me!:drool:
  3. ^^^

    Easy, Swanky! Breathe!
  4. Oh yeah! We had ours last night... Oh my God you're going to love it!! It is smooth white calf skin leather, just like the baby coco cabas, and it has ruthenium hardware...I'm want it soooo badly!! This is going to be my next investment!
    It's a bit updated from last year's version...the leather is better!! it comes in copper and black as well...i'm sure shannon got them in too

  5. lol, its too much excitement!!! it's great!
  6. Irish, that reminds me of one of my favorite blonde jokes!:lol:

    Is it shimmery?
    I have an unnatural love for all things shimmery:heart:
    Is it the same shape/size/design?

    Same price?
  7. Are you going to share?
  8. Swanky you NEED the Luxe flap in khaki! It is the same khaki as the Cabas with a slight shimmer. I believe it's the same size and shape as our black metallic flap.
  9. No Swanky..no shimmer...it is the same shape and design from the LBC from Spring 06, but its the same texture/color as the baby coco cabas....it's totally fantastic!! i wanted to die when i saw it this morning........
  10. only the khaki has shimmer...the white and black do not
  11. Sounds delicious Cristina, is it hard to maintain a white color bag in calfskin?
  12. Not this one...if it was white lambskin, i'd be more afraid..but this particular texture of calfskin is easy to maintain..calfskin is easier all around
  13. uh oh, this is gonna be bad for my checkbook isn't it.:shame:
  14. ^uh huh!!!! I thought I was home free for awhile!
    I am good at self control though. . . I may be able to rationalize not getting it because I already have a Luxe Flap. . . but I DON'T have a Luxe Tote! LOL!

    Irish, I'd share w/ you if you moved here! LOL!