I'm debating

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  1. I am debating epi speedy 30 in black or cassis to buy, help!
    another question; Do brass pieces for black epi speedy come in gold tone or just silver?
  2. All Epi colors comes with silver hardware!:sad:
    I would go for a black one, it's classic and elegant!
  3. Black is classy and goes with everything, however if you already have a basic black bag than I would go with the cassis. It is a great colour and more nuetral than you would think.
  4. Black epi speedy!
  5. in black :smile:
  6. black epi speedy!
  7. #7 Jan 25, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
    black seems a little bit boring, no?
    I have min lin speedy
    mono speedy
    azur speedy
    damier ebene alma and tivoli GM
  8. cassis!! that color is just beautiful!!!!!!
  9. Black =)
  10. If you have mini lin speedy, I would go with the cassis.
  11. My vote goes for the cassis! I love purple!
  12. Black...but I do wish it came with brass hardware.
  13. Cassis :love:
  14. The Cassis for sure!
  15. Cassis! It's more unique than black yet versatile enough to suit different outfits due to its dark, rich purple tone. Gorgeous IRL!