I'm debating an Azur NF, but have some q's first


Oct 6, 2008
I'm debating an Azur Neverfull MM, but I wanted to find out first if the vachetta would need to be treated before using (and if so, what to use? apple conditioner?), and would it be ok to carry this bag in light rain (from the car to the house and back for example, nothing heavy)

Is the azur very prone to color transfer? I know about Jeans, but how about colored shirts and sweaters? Too dangerous?

I know about the ebene, but I am so in love with the azur. Today I saw a girl with an Azur NF (don't know if it was real since I have no clue yet, but I assumed it was) and the handles of her bag had patina'd into a deeper brown, it was gorgeous... Does anyone have pics of how the vachetta will look in 2-3 years? I wonder now if that was real since the color was so rich, or it must have been 10 years old :P lol

And last, is there such thing as a bottom shaper for it, so it doesn't sag? I saw it sagging somewhere and didn't like that!

Thanks :smile:


May 1, 2011
I have one for 5 weeks now. There is no color transfer and I wear it almost every day with dark and light jeans. I did not treat my nf with apple conditioner or any other conditioner and it has no stains. Vachetta is still very light but I can see a little patina. I wear it when it rains with umbrella and it has no water stains (ofc I do not wear it when it rains heavily). It does not sag, I think it is way more structured then Delightful for example. Enjoy your shopping!


May 4, 2009
hi OP, i have an azur speedy.
i haven't applied any conditioner to the leather.
there are many patina threads on tpf, so do a search and you'll find what your looking for. this is just one of them: http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton-clubhouse/lv-patina-club-show-us-your-tan-44030.html

as for rain, i've been caught out and had raindrops on the leather and it clears away in no time, and for me, doesn't leave a water stain at all.
colour transfer doesn't happend to me at all.. i have been pretty lucky.

all the best and goodluck! can't wait to see your reveal!!


Nov 10, 2009
I've had my Azur NF for a year now. I never treated the vachetta and have carried it in light rain. Any water spots have always dried away without leaving any stains. A few weeks ago I accidentally splashed a lot of water on the handles and trim, but even those big dark marks had dried out by the end of the day.

On the sagging issue, I use bag organisers and find these keep the bag in good shape. And on colour transfer, I had a little bit from my indigo jeans last year along the bottom edge, but this had gone by the time I took the bag out to use again this spring. If I'm not sure about something I'm wearing then I just make sure to keep checking my bag as the day progresses. So far there've been no other problems.

Enjoy your bag if you decide to get it!


Dec 26, 2008
i had my azur nf now for 3 months. i love it. I do watch when i carry it. like for example if its a rainy day i will just take my ebene speedy out, but if its a chance of rain i will carry a plastic bag with me in case when i get out the store or car theres slight rain i just stick it in the bag . lol I know it sounds crazy but i kind of baby my azur. As for sag theres really not much. i do not treat the vachetta or use a base shaper. i do wear the bag with dark denim but when i do i just try to wear a longer top. i do have a tiny bit of color transfer on the bottom of the bag . you really cant see it at all. As far as tops go i guess it depends on the material. black you may have to watch. sweater material i think will be fine. Light summery tops should be fine also. I only have this problem with one black blouse i have from the limited. I do not wear with any bags except my ebene speedy. I must say i do get alot of compliments on my azur nf. Its such a preety bag. Good luck deciding. :smile: