I'm cursing the guy who laid the floor in our apartment!!!

  1. Oohhhh, I am so frustrated!

    In our new apartment, there was this cheap, ugly linoleum floor that was laid down in the kitchen. Mom and I decided that we were going to rip it up and lay tile down. Now MOST people wouldn't SUPER GLUE down a linoleum floor, but this idiot did! We called him after we were having problems getting it off, and he said that he used extra strength Pattex (Glue brand)...

    Seriously, I was able to get the first half of the floor off without a problem. It wasn't even glued down. But the second half!!! :censor::censor::censor::censor: OMG. I am so ticked off. I have been sitting there for a week, on the floor, with a small chisel (chizel? sp???) and a hammer getting up little pieces of the floor. I haven't even gotten 1/3 of it done. My knucles are black and purple and in pain, I can hardly walk or bend anymore...Ugh, it's horrible.

    I think we're going to abandon the tile route, and go for the Laminated wood floor look. That way we won't have to rip that :censor: up anymore, we'll just have to put down a padding before.

    My advice to all of you who would ever want to put linoleum down. DON'T GLUE IT!!!!! You'll hate yourself later!
  2. That really sucks , kind of what i am going through... I wanted to paint my walls in my room. the people that was there b4 had a thing for Wallpaper .......it was 6 layers of it ....... i have yet to get it all off yet its a true PIA
  3. I curse the people who owned my house every single day...here's my problems:
    grout is coming off in the kitchen ceramic tile
    they wallpapered...thankfully I have it all off
    the entire house is purple....I have half of it repainted
    the linoleum floor in one area of the basement isn't lined up properly
    none of the doors in the basement close
    I can see every single wall joint in the basement because they didn't putty properly
    there are holes everywhere....they were nice enough to cover them up with baskets and such so we didn't see it before we moved in

    I am now having to:
    repaint the entire house
    regrout my tile floor (yes...I get to sit on my hands and knees with some device and remove all the grout)
    tear down half my basement (already started that) and redo it all

    Ugh! Sometimes I hate buying not new houses!
  4. Paint over that crap! There were 4 layers of wallpaper on in my room, and naturally, the first layer wasn't primed correctly, so it took off 1/2 of the drywall too.

    I ended up just using spackle to make it more smooth where I had already gotten wallpaper off and painted over it. No bubbling or anything! :smile: It looks great :biggrin:

    And if I ever build a house, I will NEVER IN MY LIFE put up wallpaper in it!!!
  5. We did that in our old house in Maryland. That was TERRIBLE! Seriously, something that really helped, was that we got some sort of drill (IDK, my dad had it) and we got the grout out with the drill, instead of doing it by hand. We tapped off all the doors with garbage bags that the dust wouldn't go in any of the other rooms and we opened all the windows in the kitchen so we could breathe. It was a mess, but it went by SOOOO much faster!

    Good luck on regrouting...that's a pain in the butt too :sad:
  6. LOL thanks for the tip.....I'm not looking forward to it.
    Good luck with your floor....I would say screw it too and just put laminate floors down lol
  7. eek this sounds so not fun. ive never lived in a house owned by someone else before us.. it sounds like hell! im like my parents tho, lazy ass, if something needs doing they just pay ppl to do everything for them.. ahha.. not yet had to deal with 'old owners' hopefully i never have to, or else i WILL get ppl to do it for me.
  8. Did you try using a heat gun (or even a hair dryer) to see if the glue will melt? If it melts you will have no trouble removing the linoleum.
  9. good idea! everyone here is so smart!
  10. Sounds like hell, my brother started to redo his small galley kitchen floor in a old house. I think he hit 7 layers of linoleum--he did the hammer spackle thing and it took forever but he uncovered beautiful wood floors under it all and sanded and stained them. His wife wanted him to do the living room because she feels there is hardwood under the carpet over linoleum (but who know how much so he will not do it).

    My worst house experience:
    Hubby flew up to NJ from Florida 7 years ago to buy our first house up here-we were looking but he was set on a 2 car garage and it was difficult for the area we wanted. He buys this house in one day, goes to look at it with my brother and SIL who love OLD houses......so they talk about how charming it is.........
    I see the house 1/2 hour before closing and think I am going to have a nervous breakdown....it was dirty beyond anything one can imagine. The MLS stated new roof, new windows, new siding, new landscaping-yes and the outside looked great. It was about 90+ years old. So the inside MLS listing states newly renovated kitchen and bath. Right, failed to say "newly do it yourself people who can't do it did the work". The kitchen had a coat of white wash paint over the cabinets, even on the hindges-this was their version of newly renovated, it even had pink countertops with gold speckles in it UGH. The bathroom had large tile on the floor glued with cement and they did not have a tile cutter so the edged leading to the walls had about 8 inches of cement around the room on the floor, the bath walls were tiled in tiny green and white tiles but the walls were not straight so they looked crooked and hurt your eyes to look at them and they used a plastic caulking to make the walls look even so there were about 6 inche of caulk in various places. Somewhere in this mess they just did not have a electric outlet in the bathroom, so one could not use a blowdryer or anything at the sink. They did not bolt the sink to the wall so it almost fell over the first time I touched it. They had cable TV but not cable outlets so they drilled holes in the bedroom ceilings and dropped cable wire out of the holes and pulled about 13 feet around the room so you can have cable TV. The black wallpaper border in the bedroom was a interesting decorating look as well as the mirrored living room wall. The back deck was falling to the ground and unsafe so it had to be knocked down. The plumber made a hole in dummy pipes after we redid the powder room and put pergo floor in there and caused a small flood. The carpenter put a hole thru the radiator and flooded part of the basement. The electircian put new electric in and did somthing wrong which almost caused a fire in the kitchen outlet, just got black and hot-not on fire yet.......The new garden rocks covered the gutter downspout so the basement flooded at every rain. Not to mention the new washer installed wrong so the water kept going down the drain instead of actually filling up the washer. I think each radiator had 1 vacumm bag of dirt-they never cleaned. It took a painter 3 weeks of work to fix the house up and we had the wood floors recdone, new powder room, washer and dryer moved to a extra room upstairs from the 5 1/2 foot basement. 6 months of renovations and we put the house for sale and sold it in 11 days at full price and were never so happy to move. Now it is only new houses for us with things like central air......:yahoo: I am dealing with ugly paint and horrible wallpaper here which I am taking down but the horror of trying to do work in that house years ago is something I would not wish on anyone.
    I just got wood floors and armstrong durastone tile put in my house, it is great. This tile is indestructable---comes in tons of patterns and might be something you would like. I have it in my kitchen, my neighbor has is on her whole first floor. I kind of like it better than my wood floors.
    Good luck with your project....hopefully the next thing you do will be easier.
  11. so sorry to hear what you are going through.. gosh, yeah, it's diff whenever you make changes in the home.. but think of it this way, when you are all done and finished, you can enjoy your surrounding a lot more...
  12. that's so annoying. Every time we've done the kitchen we just do those self adhesive tiles. So the kitchen in my dad's has at least four layers that we know of in the last 6 yrs.
  13. Yep, tried that. Just made the glue like bubble gum and even harder to get off
  14. Aaargh, that doesn't sound good! It's hard work, but I'm sure it'll be worth it in the end.
  15. We gave up. I absolutely cannot sit there anymore and hammer away on that floor. My fingers are bruised and black, I can hardly walk...it's just not THAT worth it. And besides, it isn't even OUR house, we're just renting...

    We're just going to throw down some Pergo floor and be done with it