I'm curious

  1. What other designer bags do tPF BV owners like? I bought my first BV Mother's Day of this year and I'm so spoiled. Yesterday, Nordstrom was having a huge designer bag sale. I wasn't in the market to buy a bag but I swear I wouldn't have wanted any of them even if they were giveaways.
  2. I too am new to BV (September 07), but not to the designer bag obsession. The bag obsession goes back over 30 years, with my first bag an LV at age 21.

    Current favs:
    1. BV (almost all)
    2. Chanel (most, so very classy)
    3. Prada (leather only)
    4. Fendi (classics only, not the wildier stuff)

    Interesting thread!
  3. My love of designer bags started with LV, I have a few different styles in black epi leather, a couple in monogram (from the early days) some luggage, a damier SO but haven't bought any LV for a few years now. In my current collection (after selling many bags that I have accumulated over the years) my main designers are Chanel (only in leather), Balenciaga and of course my BV. I have a couple of bags that I have used well from other designers like Marc Jacobs, Dior, Anya Hindmarch and Chloe but these are limited to just one bag that I really loved when the designer bought them out such as my dark red dior gaucho, the MJ multipocket with the chain handle and the Anya Hindmarch limited black and gold woven shopper.
  4. I'm faithful to the 2 "B"s - Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta :p
  5. ^ Isn't it surprising how alot BV fans are also Balenciaga fans too, they are of course owned by the same group but I think it maybe to do with the luscious leathers and lightness of the bags!:heart:
  6. Apart from BV, I also love Chanel but mostly their flaps and more classic items. :love: I'm also a fan of Ferragamo and Tod's but I only have shoes, no bags. Their bags are very elegant. :heart:
  7. I'm generally attracted to the style more than the brand, so I've bought Lloyd Maish, Balenciaga's whistle bag, Tod's, the recent Louboutin grafitti bag, Chloe (Paddington and a Silverado in python), Nancy Gonzalez (the large tote and two clutches) and a Chanel flap bag.... I have a few LVs that I love for their durability, mostly Damier and Epi (and am sorry I never got my hands on a grafitti Speedy) but I've cooled on the brand. Would LOVE to own a Birkin but that's way in my future! Great thread!
  8. The only other luxury brand I like is Louis Vuitton. But I also have one Jimmy Choo (on its way to me) and a Botkier trigger that I adore.
  9. My first love was Coach, back when they did just leather goods; when I "grew up" I moved on to Miu Miu and Longchamp; then of course I got bitten by the BV bug and haven't looked back! I still love some Miu Miu bags especially for their soft leather, and eventually I will get a Chanel classic flap bag in lambskin to go with the caviar leather one I have now.
  10. I got started on Chanel and have some Balenciaga bags as well. I love light bags like BV and Balenciaga.
  11. I'm like bags'rus. My passion for bags started too long ago with LVs during my university days. Then it grew to Gucci, Prada, some Ferragamo. I stopped buying bags and many things when I went through a stage of travelling, more studying, getting married and familiy responsibilities. Now my life has settled back to the normal pattern and I have more time to enjoy my own hobbies.....including passion for bags again!! BV is on top of my list together with my long time love of Chanel. Balenciaga is probable #3. I no longer carry LV as much.
  12. my passion for purses started when i was 21. my first loves were coach, gucci (during the tom ford days) and lv, which graduated to a multitude of labels like anya hindmarch, marc jacobs, kate spade and tod's. however, today it's pared down to 5 design houses - bv, balenciaga, chanel, hermes and ysl (love the mombasas!).
  13. i always :heart: bags because i have a mother that's quite stylish and loves bags as well. i remeber my first designer bag was a prada nylon backpack back when i was a junior in high school and i stuck with prada nylon bags for a while till i went up to very few Gucci and LV during college. Living in NYC during grad school didn't help with my addictions to bags and I quickly started collecting LVs but now only left with a few limited edition ones (i need to get rid of the monogram). I went off to Balenciaga for a bit and have a few YSL as well. I did get a couple of Tods along the way with probably very limited gucci and chloe too. The past 2-3 years I have focused on Chanel quite a bit; seasonal and classic pieces. I started falling in love with BV probably 3-4 years ago with my first buy as a medium bianco veneta. and my BV love has gone far beyond control since then and i have no intention to stop. Latest love is probably Hermes Lindy and Birkins but BV is irreplaceable in my heart :love:

    Now my focus is on BV, Hermes, Chanel and limited edition LVs. :yes:
  14. The first brand purse that I adored was Paloma Picasso (with xx hardware if anyone here remember:rolleyes:).
    The second was LV Damier Ebene, then some Epi pieces. I also tried some Coach and Long Champ.
    Then I found BV (and Tomas Maier), and am totally content.:cutesy:

    (.....but wait, I saw something on the orange side......:sweatdrop:)
  15. Interesting question. For some reason, I can't get into LV. I recently bought a Chanel GST that I find very practical. The large CC's bother me a little, though--I'm used to the subtlety of BV. Another favorite bag is a Tod's new style D-bag; very understated and it holds a lot more than it looks like it would.The most expensive bag I have is a Hermes Bolide. Everything else is BV.