Im Curious, Which One Do You Prefer ?

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Which hardware do you prefer in a City?

  1. Regular h/w City

  2. Giant h/w City

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. For a city bag which one would you prefer, city with regular hardware or city with giant hardware? Which is easier to use/open ?

    Im curious as i've never owned a city with giant h/w all my bbags are in reg h/w
  2. I love both, and especially the Giant Covered Hardware with the Perf. Leather. I don't care for the small Regular Cov'd Hardware as I think it looks funny. Just my little no charge LOL!!!! :wlae:
  3. I think it depends on the color. Some of the bright colors I don't think need any extra "bling" but some of the other neutral colors like sahara look great with ggh.
  4. I love the GH, but not on the City. I think it throws off the City's proportions. I prefer GH on the Day, PT, Work... but Cities I like with the RH.
  5. I LOVE GH in general, but on the City I definitely prefer RH :yes:!
  6. I only like city with RH :okay:
  7. thanks for the input everyone i really appreciate it :yes:
  8. deco - you have the most amazing pics on the "photos wearing your bbag thread" ;)
  9. I prefer RH on a City, GH on it attempts to make it very *busy*. I do love GH as much as RH. I just prefer GH on bigger bags like Day, Part Time & Work.
  10. I love GH, prefer the pulls over the tassels on a City
  11. I like both ~ it depends on the color of the bag as someone else mentioned above:tup:

    ~~~ This is my White City in GGH ~~~


    ~~~ and I preferred the RH in the 08 Bubble Gum ~~~

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  12. Even though I OWN a city with GSH, I prefer cities with RH. They slouch better!
  13. thank you kaka dear :tender:
  14. sometimes.... i prefer the RH but more often, i prefer the extra bling of the giant hardware =)
  15. I love the look of city with Giant H/w,but i prefer with's totally easy to carrying and it's really light!!!