I'm curious....legacy wallets?

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  1. Hi girls. I'm in the market for a wallet to use with my gorgeous Ali that dh was kind enough to pay off for me as a graduation present :wlae: Anyway, there are many legacy wallets lately on ebay which leads me to assume there are some at the outlets. So the question is...have you seen any legacy wallets at the outlets and what are they going for there as far as price?

    Any information is much appreciated! I need to see if it is worth my while to sneak over to one of the outlets one of these days :P
  2. I saw the small pink and larger pink legacy wallets at the outlet a couple of weeks ago, but don't remember how much they were.
  3. i got mine at an outlet as a return...wasn't much cheaper, but saved on tax (essentially).

    i think a few of them are at outlet.
  4. I think with all legacy stuff, it's very hit or miss at the outlets. I've never seen any wallets, but I've seen plenty of other legacy stuff

    My suggestion would be to call the outlet closest to you and see if you can make friends with one of the SA's and maybe they'll call you if one comes in.

    Or, just call every couple of days asking if they have any. They can always hold it for 48 hours or for up to 2 weeks if you pay with a cc by phone and you are the one who picks it up.
  5. Wow, I didn't know I could do that! Thanks for all the advice everyone.
  6. I have the french black leather legacy wallet and I use it with all my bags - but I got it at the boutique. I have seen the pink and red leagacy wallet and the white and black one at the outlet - but not often for sure. They may have been discounted 20%.
  7. I was at the st augustine, fl outlet yesterday and they had one legacy oxford stripe french purse wallet and one legacy signature/white french purse wallet, I wanted one soooooo bad, but changing out wallets is a pain and I already have a legacy slim flap so I talked myself out of it.
  8. I just got the small Legacy rose wallet at an outlet (there were 2 and only those color) for ~ $111. It was marked 20% off but I guess there was an additional %age off!! I use it with my whiskey ali and rose shoulder!

    I have seen the larger Legacy wallet in white before but I don't remember the price!
  9. I haven't seen ANY Legacy at our outlet up here!

    Let us know if you find one!
  10. I've seen 2 or 3 legacy wallets at the outlet. It does seem to be hit or miss.
    And to your original statement, its always worth it to check out the outlets!
  11. At the outlet nearest here (Pleasant Prairie, WI) they had the French purse wallets for $139.99 with an additional 20% off of that price (so whatever that figures out to). When I bought mine they had the pink/orange and the pale blue/green.
  12. Gulfport didn't have them, I wish they had! I want a Legacy Wallet so badly!
  13. Thanks everyone! I know the outlets are always worth checking out but I would actually have to sneak over to one since dh won't let me go yet. I have no wallets right now so I really need something. Hmmm, gotta think about this.
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