IM CURIOUS...kelly/birkin

  1. many people say that the love of hermes develops over time since it is more a mature brand and of course you also need to be able to afford it.:rolleyes:

    im curious. how old is everyone here and what do you do for a living? and how old were you when you first acquired your first birkin or kelly bag?..whether a gift or your own purchase.


    im 29. married and a marketing manager.

    i knew about the ultimate satisfaction of a "birkin" bag in my early 20's but not until now have i been on a mission to purchase one from an hermes store as my personal reward for my upcoming 30th birthday next year.

    how about you??:flowers:
  2. I'm 32, got my first at 29.
  3. Kelly arrived when I was 25

    I loved Hermes since I was a teenager. I was pretty much made aware because of my love for the history and quality of Hermes. Plus, generations of my family (in Italy) have been involved in leather goods.
  4. Yikes.....someone please be older than me! :wtf: I'm closing in on the big 5-0 next year and I only got my first Hermes bag (a 32cm Chocolate Togo Sellier Kelly that folds up!) earlier this year! And I'm making up for lost time, girls! YeeHaa!!!!!:choochoo:
  5. I'm 29 and I am a Physician Assistant; I just got my first Birkin (a gift to myself ;D ), but have been interested in the Hermes brand since I was 25.
  6. oh....and I forgot to answer one part of the question (this is what happens when you get old....brain cells start disintegrating!).

    49, have a DD (who today reminded me why I only had one), and own my own business with DH.
  7. I'm 32 with two small daughters under 3 and am a stay at home mom looking to go back to school in the spring. My love for Hermes started about 5 years ago and I received my first bag 1 1/2 years ago from the hubby. But before then we'd purchased other Hermes items.
  8. an hermes bit of socratic reasoning from a kelly-toting girl:

    1. she who carries a kelly is by definition a lady,

    2. and a lady never tells,

    3. therefore: :whistle:
  9. I'm 49 and I've been a stay at home mom now for over 6 years. I worked in the Silicone Valley for 25 years and my last job was with Philips Semi as a Planner. I don't have a kelly yet but I decided I will get one just as soon as I find what I'm looking for. I've been interested in the Kelly bag for a few years now but never really got into it until I stumbled upon this forum. So many enablers here, lol.
  10. Hehehe.. I like your philosophy..:lol:

  11. Oh THIS is good.......:wlae:
  12. I'm 29 and married - I'm a physician, currently in my last year of psychiatry... will *finally* be done in spring 2007 when I write my board exams. But that means my cash flow will be even better!:yahoo: DH is a surgeon, but is a bit of a PHH, so I feel bad buying bags if it's not my own money. So after next year will be great... more bags for me!

    DH agreed that a Birkin would be a perfect present for the occasion, so I'm on the hunt now so hopefully I'll have one ready to go when I pass the boards.

    I'm hoping that will just be the beginning! I'd love a nice rainbow of colors and leathers in both Birkins and Kellys over the next decade!
  13. only interested in first kelly or birkin bags?
  14. I acquired my first, a Kelly, at 28. I'm in my early 30s, married w/one child. Current SAHM, former/inactive CPA at one of the big 4 (if it's still 4) firms in the US.
  15. I'm in my early 40s.
    Former Asst Editor at a Fortune 100 publishing firm.
    Now SAHM to 2.
    Admired the Kelly since my early 20s and now covet the Birkin.
    Someday soon. :P